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Income inequality: CBS news shocks mall shoppers using actual pie to demonstrate wealth gap

Latecomers though they be, when traditional journalists start scrutinizing economic inequality after decades of pretty much ignoring it, you know the situation has reached serious levels. CBS made its reporting on the subject more palatable and understandable than the usual dry statistics and charts used to describe the situation by using actual pies—pumpkin—to demonstrate to […]

February 6th

Inflation-adjusted earnings for most workers are lower than 50 years ago

Next month marks the 10th year since the Great Recession was officially over, although it wasn’t until September 2010 that the National Bureau of Economic Research made the announcement. Since then, numerous aspects of the economy gradually improved through the rest of Barack Obama’s presidency, and since Donald Trump began squatting in the White House. By Meteor Blades […]

May 28th

Miami real estate market shows how only the wealthy can indulge climate change denial

Two great pieces of journalism were published this week we’d like to draw attention to today. While neither were particularly focused on climate change denial, taken together, they provide some helpful insight into denial not only as a state of mind, but as a function of luxury and privilege. By Climate Denier Roundup That’s the […]

There are more jobs, but more money than ever goes into corporate pockets, not yours

The government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last week that the economy generated 223,000 seasonally adjusted new jobs in May. The headline unemployment rate fell to 3.8 percent – as low as it’s been in nearly two decades. The New York Times on Friday headlined this news as a “bustling economy.” But while job growth continues to show significant strength, wages are just barely keeping up […]

June 7th

White households have all the stuff. Minorities are on the Road to Zero Wealth

The Institute for Policy Studies and Prosperity Now (formerly the Corporation for Enterprise Development) published a new 25-page study this week – the Road to Zero Wealth – that has grim news on the economic racial divide. The team of four authors scrutinized what it means to be middle class by examining the wealth gap rather than income […]

September 13th

James Howard Kunstler – Going to financialization hell in a handbasket of deplorables

As our politicos creep deeper into a legalistic wilderness hunting for phantoms of Russian collusion, nobody pays attention to the most dangerous force in American life: the unraveling financialization of the economy. By James Howard Kunstler Financialization is what happens when the people-in-charge “create” colossal sums of “money” out of nothing — by issuing loans, […]

David Brin: Why culture war?

By David Brin  Yes, Phase Three of the American Civil War has been foisted on us by powerful, cynical men for their own political and economic gain.  But there have to be deeper things going on.  Psychological drives that those men cleverly exploit. Our next guest, researcher and science fiction author Dr. Charles Gannon, has offered his […]

December 17th

Teddy Roosevelt would have supported Occupy Wall Street – he fought for the same things, 100 years ago

By Representative Brad Miller How do we grow the new green economy if our financiers aren’t interested in actually funding companies that make things? While the Chinese and Germans move into the 21st Century, our bankers are stuck in the 19th.) The grievance of the Occupy Wall Street Movement is not just growing income inequality, […]

November 8th