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James Howard Kunstler: Walmart and the corn-pone Nazis

By James Howard Kunstler Last week, extreme right-wing, hyper-patriot blogger and “Christian Reconstructionist” Gary North published a piece that bounced around the Web titled “JAMES HOWARD KUNSTLER: FOUL-MOUTHED APOLOGIST FOR THE GOOD OLD BOYS.” Gary North was inflamed because I had put out a recent blog inveighing against the chain-store rape of local economies from […]

March 4th

Best way to cut the deficit: Grow the (green) economy

It’s not rocket science. It’s basic economics. Invest in job creation. More jobs cascade into more revenues across the economy. More working people leads to more tax revenue. The Congressional Progressive Caucus has a proposal that would avoid the sequester and cut the deficit in a healthy way, while leading to bigger growth. At the […]

February 6th

Fracking liars: So much for energy independence

We’re told over and over again that we just HAVE to approve every imaginable oil and gas project in order to achieve energy independence for America. So how come the minute they get approval, the companies turn around and immediately demand the right to export all that energy? From coal to tar-sands oil to coal […]

February 5th

David Brin explains the Fiscal Cliff (and who we should blame for this latest mess)

By David Brin The lesson is simple: do not re-hire the dopes who made the mess.  To many U.S. voters, one issue towers foremost — the Fiscal Cliff of rising public debt. We appear to have come a long way since Republican Vice President Dick Cheney famously said “deficits don’t matter.” Today, frightened by much-worse debt crises […]

October 17th

David Brin: The GOP won’t run ON their record – they run FROM it

By David Brin Let’s start with a simple wager.  During this election please count the number of times that Republican candidates actually run on their party’s record. How often do they speak of their periods in power, which were far more extensive than the Democrats’?  Any statistically measurable accomplishments or proved positive effects?  Shouldn’t effective leaders brag about […]

September 19th