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Atomic bomb survivors speak out against nuclear power

As the world marks the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th, some of the individuals who survived the horror of nuclear detonation are speaking out against the continued proliferation of nuclear energy. By Lauren McCauley Common Dreams With strong backing from President Shinzo Abe, Japan is restarted […]

August 6th

Fossil fuel giants are amplifying militarized police forces

The same industries fueling the climate crisis and disproportionately polluting Black and brown communities across the U.S are bankrolling police foundations, groups which can help militarize local police departments.That’s according to a new investigation from transparency group Public Accountability Initiative and its LittleSis project. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams Authored by Gin Armstrong and Derek Seidman and […]

July 30th

Native American tribes’ pandemic response is hamstrung by many inequities

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is novel, but pandemic threats to indigenous peoples are anything but new. Diseases like measles, smallpox and the Spanish flu have decimated Native American communities ever since the arrival of the first European colonizers. Now COVID-19 is having similarly devastating impacts in Indian country. Some reservations are reporting infection rates many times […]

June 14th

Bayonets and live bullets. That’s what DC BLM protesters almost faced (They got flash bangs and pepper rounds)

As my colleague Mark Sumner pointed out earlier, the National Guard troops called up for duty in controlling the protests in Washington, D.C., were ordered to be tough and aggressive. This wasn’t done, as one might expect, to please Donald Trump, who encourages violence against dissidents in the streets the way he incites people to rough up […]

June 13th

2.25 million file new unemployment claims – Powell says more stimulus needed or it’ll be YEARS before they find jobs

We’ve had plenty more news this week indicating just how bad things are economically now and how long they are likely to remain bad. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who has warned that gross domestic product could drop 30% this quarter, on Wednesday reinforced what other analysts have said about the crunch affecting American workers: ”It’s just going to be very […]

June 11th

Judge ridicules Interior Dept. document on taking back land from Mashpee Wampanoag tribe

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe that welcomed the pilgrims in 1620 has been fighting with the federal government over the removal of the tribe’s 321 acres of communal land from trust status. "One of the worst written documents I've ever read from any government agency": A federal judge trashed the Trump administration for changing course on […]

May 28th

Coronavirus fallout: Justice Dept. seeks emergency powers, including detaining people without trial indefinitely

Inevitable that the sycophants of the regime of a wannabe autocrat would seek to turn a crisis into an opportunity to exercise more unrestrained emergency powers over the citizenry. The Department of Justice, ever more a tool of Donald Trump under the supervision of loyalist Attorney General Bill Barr, a great believer in unitary executive theory, […]

March 24th

Santa Barbara’s Refugio oil spill earns pipeline company a slap on the wrist

On April 25, Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge James Herman Plains sentenced Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. to pay $3,347,650 in total fines and penalty assessments for the massive 2015 Refugio Oil Spill in Santa Barbara County that killed marine mammals, protected sea birds, and other marine life and temporarily closing fishing and other recreation along the pristine coast. By Dan […]

April 29th

For a cleantech future, we need more women engineers (and not just at Tesla)

Women have increased their numbers in professions previously dominated by men, including law, business, medicine, and many STEM fields. However, the number of women in engineering in the US has not risen since the early 2000s. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a large need for engineers and computer-related employees over the next 10 years […]

March 19th

I am deeply thankful for the resistance

We live in an era of chaos and potentially catastrophic change at a level humans have never previously seen. That being the case, I am struck by how callous our leaders are in failing to cease with their bullshit instead of doing everything possible to save our butts or at least come to some equitable agreement on triage. […]

November 23rd

Chevron sues Amazon natives it poisoned with toxins

Real classy, Chevron. Not content with ruining the lives of thousands of indigenous people across the Amazon by poisoning the land they live on and the water they drink, Chevron is suing them. Hunh? You heard right. Chevron is suing Amazon tribesmen whose only crime was imagining they might get Chevron to take responsibility and clean up […]

February 14th