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Happy World Oceans Day – how big oil effectively runs Cali’s marine protection areas

“If these are true marine protection areas, they why are we allowing drilling and other insults to the ocean in them? The whole MLPA Initiative was a phony process that provided an opportunity for Big Green and government bureaucrats to write press releases claiming these were ‘protected areas’ when in reality the fishermen and Tribes […]

June 8th

Wikileaks: Marine protection zones are being tailored to help corporate interests, screw native peoples

Throughout the world, opposition is building to fake marine “protected” areas designed to fulfill the agenda of corporate globalization and the privatization of public trust resources. The rights of indigenous people and fishing families are rarely considered in the creation of these racist “no fishing and gathering” zones, whether they are installed in the Chagros […]

March 8th

Why Is A Big Oil Lobbyist In Charge Of California’s Marine Protection Program?

Catherine Reheis-Boyd, the president of the Western States Petroleum Association, claimed the oil industry is “doing their share to promote renewable energy” in an op-ed in the Sacramento Bee on Sunday January 9.) “Villainizing the petroleum industry does nothing to promote sound energy policy,” she contended. “Oil companies in the United States are the single […]

January 13th