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Generational High Crimes and Misdemeanors

The conservative blogosphere, led by up and coming right wing-nut Michelle Malkin have been frantically pushing to label the stimulus package the “Generational Theft Bill,” and impressionable republican’s on the hill are echoing this ill-conceived branding quip. Generational Theft? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

February 12th

From Solar Panels to Sarah Palins: The Top 10 Green Politics Stories of 2008

Campaign politics dominated the headlines in 2008, making it a banner year for the armchair pundit. 2008 was also a year that issues like energy use, climate change and carbon footprints came to the forefront of popular culture and political reality. Put all of that together and you have 2008’s top environmental politics stories.

December 29th

The 2008 Presidential Election in Six Minutes [video]

Haven’t had enough of the 2008 presidential election? Well, you’re in luck. The folks over at Talking Points Memo have compiled the highs and the lows, the soundbites, and, of course, the Joe the Plumber references and condensed them into one six-minute video. [youtube=]

December 17th

The Sarah Palin Chronicles: From A to Z

Sarah Palin quotes from across the spectrum: from man not causing global warming, to the war in Iraq being a task from God, and how offshore drilling will save us – she says it all. 1. Introduction It’s obvious why Sarah Palin got the VP nod. And Saturday Night Live makes this point most brilliantly: […]

October 27th

McCain vs. Obama: How Do The Candidates Stack Up On Energy?

Obama and McCain agree on the goals of energy and climate policy. Both candidates acknowledge global warming is man-made and advocate a mandatory cap-and-trade policy in the United States for dealing with carbon emissions — something the Bush administration opposes. They’re also largely in agreement over reducing oil consumption and investing in new energy technologies.

October 14th