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WSJ outdoes Brietbart in politicizing medicine after journals call for climate action

The Wall Street Journal is a legacy media institution, one of the most-subscribed-to newspapers in the world, catering to the wealthy investors of its namesake. Breitbart is a blog that spent years laundering Nazi propaganda into mainstream Republicanism. Though some might be inclined to suggest there’s a categorical difference between the two outlets, on climate, […]

September 10th

Who is the “American Taliban”? Climate scientists? Or maybe actual religious fundamentalists?

Hey, remember earlier this month when Newsweek did a 1990s throwback “Debate” between a professional climate denier and a real climate expert? And we were like, “Oh hey remember that not only is Newskweek owned by a cult and often peddles rightwing conspiracy theories for clicks, but also Newsweek’s opinion editor Josh Hammer also happens to be a professional rightwing […]

September 6th

Can Hate Speech Laws Be Adapted To Protect Scientists From Organized Attacks? Do They Need To Be?

On Friday, a post on Watts Up With That caught our eye with the headline Science Journal Demands ‘Hate Crime’ Laws to Shield Scientists from Public Criticism. Did the storied peer-reviewed journal Science write an editorial throwing its weight behind a call for hate crime laws to make scientists uncriticizable? No, not at all. It’s a opinion […]

Major newspaper editorials urge adoption of carbon price

Recent editorials in two major newspapers are calling on Congress and the Biden administration to include carbon pricing in upcoming legislation to address climate change. The policy endorsements came from the Houston Chronicle and the Washington Post, both of which cited Europe’s ambitious climate plans — including a carbon border adjustment — as motivation for the U.S. to price carbon. […]

Disney Princess held hostage, forced to make climate denial YouTubes (sort of)

“Wind turbines pose a significant risk for birds and bats,” reads Mary-Jean Harris, who until recently ran Fairytale Princess Parties, which dispatched Disney princess cosplayers like Mary-Jean to children’s parties. (More on this later.) Now, sadly sans fanciful dresses and accessories, erstwhile princess Mary-Jean Harris appears to have been captured and held in a tower, forced […]

ExxonMobil and WSJ (accidentally) show exactly why MattY’s ‘climate left’ hippie punching is stupid

On Monday, Substack blogger and professional centrist contrarian Matthew Yglesias took his latest ill-founded shot at the Sunrise Movement and the “climate left” for daring to push President Biden to do more on climate change. (He also gets big mad about implications that he’s maybe just a lil’ racist, just because he’s so vocally anti– an anti-racist approach to climate politics.) […]

Citizens’ Climate Radio podcast: Avoiding high conflict with better communication

Citizen’s Climate Radio is a monthly podcast hosted by CCLer Peterson Toscano. Browse all our past episode recaps here, or listen to past episodes here, and check out the latest episode in the post below. Our latest podcast episode is designed to help you improve your climate communication and outreach. Amanda Ripley, author of the new book, […]

Minimum Viable Planet: Convincing the media about messaging the climate emergency

Media drama is the very best kind, isn’t it? The absolutely excellent organization Covering Climate Now recently asked a bunch of publications to sign a pledge to call the climate crisis a climate emergency. Many balked. By Sarah Lazarovich Minimum Viable Planet Writes CCN: More than 30 newsrooms have now signed the statement (an updated list is here), […]

June 20th

50 years of Earth Day Posters, 1970-2020

Earth Day 1970 (Pogo via Walt Kelley) (Earth Day 1970 by Robert Leydenfrost, via Click Americana) ->Next Poster Unfortunately, with the current coronavirus economic meltdown, we’ve lost our primary funding source. So we’ve set up a Patreon Page: Become a Patron! You can also make a one-time or recurring donation via PayPal – anything helps, […]

April 22nd

Right wing media echo chamber’s response to Biden’s American Jobs Plan: Lie (and ignore it)

President Biden’s American Jobs Plan rollout yesterday was met with criticisms from the usual suspects of polluting industry lobby groups, former reality TV hosts now banned from social media and politicians with a history of refusing to address a crisis, who once again trotted out tired, false talking points denying the job growth and economic benefits of ambitious climate and infrastructure investments. Conservative […]

The party of personal responsibility doesn’t want to be held responsible for lying about climate change

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal published the editorial version of “we’re all just trying to find the guy who did this” by columnist Gerald Seib. Seib’s lukewarm, concern-trolling column cowardly both sides-ed the current environment of partisan acrimony, instead blaming a mix of political consultants, digital advertisers, and cable news hosts who “profit one way or […]