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50 years of Earth Day Posters, 1970-2020

Earth Day 1970 (Pogo via Walt Kelley) (Earth Day 1970 by Robert Leydenfrost, via Click Americana) ->Next Poster Unfortunately, with the current coronavirus economic meltdown, we’ve lost our primary funding source. So we’ve set up a Patreon Page: Become a Patron! You can also make a one-time or recurring donation via PayPal – anything helps, […]

April 22nd

Right wing media echo chamber’s response to Biden’s American Jobs Plan: Lie (and ignore it)

President Biden’s American Jobs Plan rollout yesterday was met with criticisms from the usual suspects of polluting industry lobby groups, former reality TV hosts now banned from social media and politicians with a history of refusing to address a crisis, who once again trotted out tired, false talking points denying the job growth and economic benefits of ambitious climate and infrastructure investments. Conservative […]

The party of personal responsibility doesn’t want to be held responsible for lying about climate change

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal published the editorial version of “we’re all just trying to find the guy who did this” by columnist Gerald Seib. Seib’s lukewarm, concern-trolling column cowardly both sides-ed the current environment of partisan acrimony, instead blaming a mix of political consultants, digital advertisers, and cable news hosts who “profit one way or […]

One word: Sawalmem – Healing our relationship with the Earth – Interview with Michael “Pom” Preston

In his uplifting and internationally-acclaimed short film One Word Sawalmem, co-director Michael “Pom” Preston of the Winnemem Wintu tribe of Mt. Shasta, California gives us a rare look into the life of local Native cultural bearers – people who hold humanity’s most intimate knowledge about how to live in balance with the Earth and how […]

February 28th

WSJ Columnist (Accidentally?) Offers Sensible Warnings Against Trusting Climate Grifters

The Wall Street Journal’s opinion page was one of the most prestigious sources of disinformation on the Texas blackouts last week, leading us to wonder — purely out of concern, of course — if offering rank denial on the opinion pages cheapens the Journal’s brand as a reliable source of finance reporting. By Climate Denier Roundup And while the […]

February 25th

Britain’s right-wing tabloids have turned to ‘green nationalism’ to sell climate action

Britain’s right-wing tabloids have historically not been champions of action on climate change and other environmental issues. In fact they have prominently opposed such action, regularly providing space for climate scepticism and running frontpage stories that challenged the existence of global warming and its relationship to human activity. By Pawas Bisht, Keele University The Conversation […]

February 22nd

Media reaction: Texas ‘deep freeze’, power blackouts and the role of global warming

This week, a blast of Arctic air has engulfed much of the central US, bringing freezing conditions and record low temperatures to many states. Texas, in particular, has been badly affected, with grid operators hit by power outages and struggling to provide electricity to millions of residents. The events have triggered a wave of media reaction […]

February 20th

Why is Politico giving climate denial firebrand Ben Shapiro a platform for far-right lies?

Politico Playbook, a morning newsletter for political professionals and junkies, continued its guest-writer series by allowing Ben Shapiro to explain why Republicans opposed the impeachment of Republican Donald Trump. By Climate Denier Roundup Given Shapiro’s prominent place in the extreme-right echo chamber — he’s downplayed the violent insurrection, uses hateful rhetoric, appeals to mass shooters, and is only “notable” […]

January 19th

Top 10 Stories of 2020: #4 Longtime climate denier Tony Heller finally gets YouTube ban (for COVID denial)

We’re running down the 10 most-viewed stories of the past year at Red GREEN and Blue. Here’s #4, which originally ran on October 1…  A couple years ago, Youtube (belatedly) started to do something about the disinformation rampant on its platform, and began putting disclaimers on climate denial videos that pointed to more reliable information. […]

RealClear Energy continues to publish fossil fuel propaganda (on SCOTUS, CA, and Kamala Harris)

For sake of clarity and length, we tend to focus here on just one or two pieces of denial content a day. But it seems like every time we check in on RealClear Energy, there are at least three new, spectacularly stupid, obviously advertorial, and fossil-fuel-funded pieces on the website, just begging for ridicule. By Climate […]

October 15th

Helping Curry Crowdsource Examples of “Fallacious Thinking From Climate Science”

Earlier this week, Dr. Judith Curry wrote a post on her Climate etc. blog asking for some help with something she’s writing about cognitive biases and logical fallacies. She apparently could “use some help fleshing out” the definitions of terms like Ad Hominem with “examples from climate change.” By Climate Denier Roundup The very first cognitive […]

RealClearEnergy is really, clearly invested in climate change denial

Back in February, we pointed out that despite a relatively good reputation that should’ve been permanently destroyed by their racist Facebook shenanigans, the RealClear brand has been pretty plainly corrupted by the Koch cash it’s received, and is regularly running denial content by people with obvious financial reasons to promote fossil fuels. By Climate Denier Roundup At this point, […]

September 30th

Do celebrity endorsements really help environmental campaigns? We found no evidence

Arsenal footballer Hector Bellerin recently partnered with a reforestation charity and pledged to plant 3,000 trees every time his team won. This is just one example of the now widespread use of celebrities like him in environmental conservation marketing campaigns. Alegria Olmedo, University of Oxford; Dan Challender, University of Oxford, and Diogo Veríssimo, University of […]

September 5th