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Schwarzenegger: Green New Deal is “marketing tool”

In an interview with The Atlantic, outspoken Terminator and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger dismissed the Green New Deal as a “marketing tool” and “bogus,” noting that “to me, the only thing that really matters is: How do we move forward with our goals? And this means that we stop increasing the amount of greenhouse gases and pollution that […]

January 22nd

Should we be using the words “renewable energy”? Or do we need a term that’s more accurate?

Bill Gates says that addressing climate change means reinventing the fundamental way our lives are run, which ultimately means the entire global economy. Chad Frischmann offers 100 solutions to reverse global warming. An article in Wired declares that the “roughest head-knocking has been between the energy wonks who think we should use whatever power sources necessary to eliminate emissions — nuclear, biofuels, carbon-capture […]

February 27th

What’s your label? Progressive, conservative, liberal, libertarian… what do we agree on?

Labels, particularly political labels, can be quite misleading, especially when they’re applied by someone eager to trash someone else. Sadly, the corporate right-wing slime machine has quite successfully used the human tendency to label ourselves against us. Check out the damage from toxic assaults on “liberal,” for instance. Or “far leftist,” a term broadly applied as a […]

December 26th

Climate Action: People! Please learn what messaging is (& stop parroting BS)

What’s the difference between politics and policy? While the two things may seem like they are strongly intertwined, the fact is they can be completely disconnected — and they often are, especially in the Republican Party in the USA. The policy or legislative priorities of politicians, for example, can be completely different from the politics and messaging of those politicians. By Zachary Shahan Cleantechnica […]

November 26th