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EPA weakens Methane Rule as pollution soars

This year, levels of methane, a powerful heat-trapping gas, hit an all-time high, driven in large part by pollution leaking from gas pipelines and drilling sites. Plugging these leaks is cheap, has enormous upsides for the climate, and is widely supported by major players in the industry, which is why it’s striking that the EPA has decided to weaken […]

August 21st

The risk of preterm birth rises near gas flaring, reflecting deep-rooted environmental injustices in rural America

Through the southern reaches of Texas, communities are scattered across a flat landscape of dry brush lands, ranches and agricultural fields. This large rural region near the U.S.-Mexico border is known for its persistent poverty. Over 25% of the families here live in poverty, and many lack access to basic services like water, sewer and […]

August 20th

How can GOP call itself Pro-Life while the EPA trashes childrens’ health?

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Wheeler has disregarded children’s health and the very mission of the EPA yet again by eliminating methane pollution safeguards from the EPA’s New Source Performance Standards (NSPS). As COVID-19 continues to spread across the country, Mr. Wheeler has put the interests of corporate oil and gas polluters ahead of […]

Trump EPA plan to gut emission rules for oil and gas industry denounced as ‘Beyond Comprehension’

In a move one green group said shows the Trump EPA’s approach is “manifestly inconsistent with the agency’s legal obligations” and with science, the agency is under fire for preparations to roll back methane rules for U.S. oil and gas producers. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Before Friday, the New York Times reported, the EPA is expected to unveil […]

August 14th

As Earth edges closer to multiple climate tipping points, scientists identify first active methane gas leak in Antarctica

Scientists have for the first time identified an active leak of methane gas from the sea floor in Antarctica, increasing the possibility that the planet is close to one of the “tipping points” that would put the impacts of global heating out of humans’ control. By Julia Conley Common Dreams According to The Guardian, researchers led by Andrew […]

July 28th

As science shows fracking drives methane pollution, big oil says voluntary measures will suffice

Last week,, a pair of studies showed that the amount of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, in the atmosphere has risen to record levels, and that while globally agriculture remains a key source of methane, fossil fuels are to blame for 80% of the increase in methane pollution in North America. Between 2000 and 2017, methane concentrations […]

With misleading “Renewable” moniker, gas industry greenwashes its way into the future

In recent months, campaigns to electrify buildings have really hit their stride, with just over thirty cities so far having committed to banning gas in buildings, and requiring all new buildings to use electricity for things like heat and cooking instead. Meanwhile, the ongoing pandemic and global price war means that “oil and gas companies in the […]

‘Privatize the Profit, Socialize the Mess’: Abandoned fracking wells spew climate-killing methane nationwide

A devastating new report from the New York Times details how as fracking companies are going out of business they are leaving behind unsecured wells spewing methane and other gases into the atmosphere and paying out the same executives that drove them into bankruptcy huge bonuses—drawing condemnation from activists and climate advocates. By Eoin Higgins Common Dreams […]

July 15th

Instead of shutting down Aliso Canyon gas storage under California neighborhood, SoCalGas is expanding

Remember the infamous SoCalGas Aliso Canyon gas storage facility – home to the largest gas blowout in U.S. history in 2015? Well, Food & Water Action has just analysed data compiled over the last four years and found that the use of the facility has increased by about 3,000% under Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration. The group points out that […]

June 10th

Fossil fuel die-hards are fighting electrification of the economy with the lamest of arguements

On Earth Day, hundreds, if not thousands, of op-eds were published about climate, the environment, and energy. But one in particular seems to have caught the attention of the gas industry. Judging by their response, they consider it a threat. Richard Oberg, an energy efficiency official at Sacramento’s nonprofit utility, wrote about the benefits of electrifying […]

Another study shows climate-warming methane leakage much higher than industry has claimed

Yet another study has found methane emissions from oil and gas operations to be higher than previous tallies in the same region. Published this week in the peer-reviewed journal Science Advances, the study of the fossil-fuel-rich Permian Basin of Texas concluded: “Based on satellite measurements from May 2018 to March 2019, Permian methane emissions from oil and natural gas production [amount to] 3.7% of […]

April 25th