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Monsanto’s GMO corn comes to Mexico

Monsanto has been pushing to get their GM corn into Mexico since 2008, and there have been quite a few test plantings in Mexico already. So, what’s going on now with GMOs in Mexico? Back in 2011, Mexico experienced a severe cold snap and drought that devastated corn crops. Monsanto used the corn shortage to start […]

February 27th

Wikileaks: Marine protection zones are being tailored to help corporate interests, screw native peoples

Throughout the world, opposition is building to fake marine “protected” areas designed to fulfill the agenda of corporate globalization and the privatization of public trust resources. The rights of indigenous people and fishing families are rarely considered in the creation of these racist “no fishing and gathering” zones, whether they are installed in the Chagros […]

March 8th

Mexico stands up to Monsanto – says no to GMO corn

As the US government continues to coddle agriculture giant Monsanto, the Mexican government is standing tall – turning down the company’s Genetically Modified (GMO) corn. After an 11-year moratorium on GMOs, Mexico had approved a small project with Monsanto and two other companies, but isn’t ready to go further into a full pilot program. “Corn […]

February 7th

Where Exactly Does Obama Stand on the War on Drugs?

Many rumors have been circulating regarding President Obama’s stance on illegal drug use. Some advocates project the president will legalize marijuana; some critics think he will continue the failed policies of the Bush administration in Latin America. The President’s actual stance on drug policy falls somewhere in between.

June 1st

Tangled Up in Green: NAFTA…Only If We Absolutely Hafta

I don’t know if you caught it, but the whole Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama flap over NAFTA exposed a dirty little secret: The North American Free Trade Agreement isn’t about American jobs or cheap Mexican labor—it’s about Canadian oil. Think as far back as two weeks ago. I know you can do it. Remember, Britney’s dad […]

March 13th