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Army Corps rubber stamps proposed Alaska Pebble Mine, threatening world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery

On July 23, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Pebble Mine, a massive gold and copper mine and toxic waste dump proposed for the headwaters of the largest sockeye salmon run on the planet. Project opponents say the Corps’ conclusions in the FEIS are “largely the same” as the […]

July 27th

Election 2020: The GOP wants you to fear China and love big (American) oil and fracking

A month ago, Abby Smith at the Washington Examiner warned that Republicans were rolling out a new propaganda plank: attacking China on critical minerals – like lithium and cobalt – that are key components of battery and clean energy technologies. The fact that these are also essential ingredients to basically all advanced technology(phones, computers, etc) is generally […]

Senate must reject Trump “far-right” nominee for head of Bureau of Land Management

Environmental advocacy groups are decrying President Donald Trump’s pick to head the Bureau of Land Management and urging the Senate to reject the nomination. “William Pendley is uniquely unqualified for this position,” Accountable.US spokesperson Chris Saeger said in a statement. “He has spent his career fighting for a far-right ideology that puts the wishes of extractive industries ahead […]

June 29th

Expensive, dirty and dangerous: Why we must fight miners’ push to fast-track uranium mines (In Australia & US)

Of all the elements on Earth, none is more strictly controlled under law than uranium. A plethora of international agreements govern its sale and use in energy, research and nuclear weapons. Australian environmental law considers nuclear actions, such as uranium mining, as a “matter of national environmental significance” under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) […]

June 17th

Under cover of Coronavirus, Trump admin tries to ram through more mining on Navajo lands

While Navajo tribal leaders were focused on the coronavirus pandemic, Feds held virtual hearings on a proposal to permit new extractive operations near Native ancestral lands: The plan, if enacted, would allow fracking and mineral leasing around the Chaco Culture National Historical Park, land that the Pueblo Indians consider their homeland. By Meteor Blades Navajo leaders and some New […]

June 6th

Australia: Cutting ‘green tape’ may be good politicking, but it’s bad policy. Here are 5 examples of regulation failure

Debate about how Australia will emerge from the coronavirus pandemic is heating up. As part of the economic recovery, business groups have renewed calls to cut “green tape” – environmental regulation that new projects, such as new mines, must follow. In response, federal environment minister Sussan Ley wants to introduce new legislation to cut green tape […]

Socialism for the rich: Why are we still GIVING AWAY mining rights on public land?

Nearly a century and a half ago, as part of Washington’s effort to encourage settlement in the West, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the General Mining Act of 1872. This granted individuals (and corporations) the right to stake exclusive claims to mineral resources like gold, copper, zinc, cinnabar, and “other valuable resources” on public land, which today […]

March 13th

EPA’s scientist-bullying COS takes new job – at the National Mining Association

Good news, everyone! This week, Ryan Jackson, former Inhofe staffer turned Chief of Staff at the EPA, the one accused of bullying scientists over their congressional testimony and otherwise stonewalling the Office of the Inspector General, has decided to stop pretending to work on the public’s behalf and go work for the National Mining Association. Although he appears to […]

February 6th

Drain the Swamp: Ryan Zinke lands a revolving-door job (that won’t involved lobbying… sort of)

Less than three months after leaving the job, Ryan Zinke, the most wretched and venal secretary of the interior since James G. Watt held the position under President Ronald Reagan, has landed a job with U.S. Gold Corp., a small Nevada-based mining company. It’s the second job Zinke has taken on since his departure, the first being managing director of the […]

April 18th

Does Australia need another coal mine? Court rules a big “NO”

An Australian court has rejected an appeal to build a new coal mine in New South Wales’ Hunter Valley, citing “significant adverse impacts” and “dire consequences” for the environment and greenhouse gas emissions.  By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica The Rocky Hill Coal Project was intended to be developed by Gloucester Resources Limited (GRL) which was granted […]

February 15th

Bill to restore Bears Ears National Monument introduced in Congress

Donald Trump’s 2017 decision to shrink the Bears Ears National Monument designated by President Barack Obama in the last days of his presidency has sparked a number of lawsuits such as this one and this one that are working their way through the courts. Most lawyers knowledgeable about the 113-year-old statute authorizing presidents to set aside public lands for national monuments […]

January 31st