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Monsanto knew there were BIG problems with Roundup

A number of interesting documents were released this week as part of an ongoing lawsuit against Monsanto. Like this email from a Monsanto scientist (all the way back in 2001) that included the line: “If somebody came to me and said they wanted to test Roundup I know how I would react — with serious concern.” […]

August 3rd

Autism linked to PCBs (thank you, Monsanto)

By Jeremy Bloom We’re still a long way from finding out what causes autism, but a new study seems to have identified one piece of the puzzle: Exposure to a class of chemicals called PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls). The researchers were able to examine records of women who had had blood drawn during pregnancy to assess […]

August 23rd

Monsanto to pay $46 million to victims of PCB poisoning

(ANTIMEDIA) St. Louis, Missouri — Three plaintiffs have been awarded $17.5 million in damages caused by Monsanto and three other companies for negligence in the production of PCBs. A jury voting 10-2 in St. Louis found Monsanto, Pfizer, Solutia, and Pharmacia must pay the plaintiffs and assessed an additional $29 million in punitive damages against […]

New Monsanto Protection Act – this time in Hawaii

Monsanto loves Hawaii. It’s a great place to test  new GMO crops – with a long growing season and a very big ocean on all sides (but hey, what could go wrong?). But Hawaii doesn’t love Monsanto quite as much, and three counties have passed laws limiting both GMO planting and use of Monsanto’s signature […]

February 4th

Why is the US government pushing other countries to buy GMOs?

Our sister blog, Eat Drink Better, notes with disgust the way our tax dollars are being spent to basically shill for Monsanto and their GMO food products overseas. “A new report reveals U.S. government officials routinely acted as PR reps for Monsanto, to ‘twist the arms’ of small countries in order to sell biotechnology products around the […]

July 2nd

Monsanto is bailing out of Europe. Protests work!

When thousands marched last month to protest Monsanto’s dominance of agriculture in the US with their dangerous GMO seeds, a lot of people didn’t even bother. Everybody knows protests and demonstrations don’t actually accomplish anything, right? Well guess what? Sometimes they work. Monsanto admitted yesterday that they are not going to apply for approval of […]

June 3rd

Can we get GMO labeling? Monsanto hates the new Right-to-Know Bill

Do Americans have the right to know what’s in our food? Do we have the right to choose to NOT eat Genetically Modified (GMO) food? The next round in the years-long battle has begun, as Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Congressman Pete DeFazio (D-OR) introduce the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act (read the Senate bill here, House bill here). […]

April 30th

In Cali, big organic brands supporting Monsanto on GMO labeling

California’s right-to-know ballot initiative, Prop 37, continues to lead in the polls. For some reason, consumers think it’s a good idea to require manufacturers to label which foods contain Genetically Modified (GMO) ingredients, so they can decide for themselves what they want to put into their bodies. So why would healthy organic brands like Odwalla, […]

October 10th