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Military tells GOP: Climate change is a national security issue

In a dramatic event on July 13, 2017, 24 Democrat and 22 Republican members of the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus and 24 other Republicans voted against an anti-climate change amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018. Members of CCL’s Climate and Security Action Team (CSAT) mobilized to encourage their members of Congress to cast a pro-climate vote. By […]

August 9th

Clinton vs Trump vs Congress on fixing America’s decrepit infrastructure

By Meteor Blades Both Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump have laid out plans for tens of billions to be spent on restoring America’s infrastructure as well as innovating some modernization. Clinton’s $275 billion, five-year plan, not surprisingly, contains solid detail. In place of specifics, Trump’s plan, which proposes $1 trillion in spending and leverage over the same period, depends, as you […]

September 20th

Lockheed Martin: National Security = Renewable Energy

National security is big business, and no one has benefited more than Lockheed Martin. Approximately $105 from each US taxpayer goes to Lockheed Martin. From defense contracts to supporting the invasion of Iraq, Lockheed Martin is in deep with US government’s priority of national security.
Recently, Lockheed Martin announced that increasing the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies is just as important to national security as building fighter jets.

March 16th

National Security Linked to Climate Change in U.S. Report

An assessment by the National Intelligence Council with input from all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies identifies climate change as a significant security threat.

Identifying a direct link between climate change and national security, the report suggests that whilst the US is capable of handling the impacts of climate change within it’s own borders, the international issues caused by humanitarian disasters and political unrest will pose a significant threat to US national security.

June 29th