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Election 2012: Romney collapsing, Santorum surging

Mitt Romney may have won a pair of psychologically-boosting votes over the weekend, but it may be too little, too late. And when I say little, I do mean little… He won the Maine caucuses with a pitiful 2,190 votes, barely 200 better than Santorum (out of 258,000 registered Republicans). And his allies in the […]

February 12th

Election 2012: Santorum sweeps CO, MN, MO – Can Romney survive?

There’s a funny thing about the GOP establishment narrative that Romney is the inevitable nominee… the man keeps losing primaries. Hm. The GOP narrative is factually challenged? Go figure… Tonight was supposed to be the night that Mittens nailed down the nomination, following his glorious victories in Florida and Nevada. Instead, he got his ass […]

February 8th

Romney wins Nevada Caucuses… What’s next?

Mitt Romney appears to have won the Las Vegas Caucuses tonight, racking up only his second win in the 2012 Presidential nominating process but cementing his front-runner status. The big drama tonight as returns come in: Will Romney pull in more than 50% of the vote? In 2008 he won with 51%; less than that […]

February 4th

Election 2012: Newt stomps Mitt in South Carolina primary

Who would have thought it? Just a week ago, Mitt Romney was up by double digits, and Newt Gingrich was just in it for revenge. But based on exit polling, all the major networks are calling the South Carolina primary for Gingrich. It’s an embarrassing and humiliating loss for Romney, who may yet go on to win […]

January 21st

Is Romney inevitable? Not so fast, Willard

Last week, the Beltway narrative was quite firm: the race for the GOP nomination was over. Mitt Romney had won Iowa, he’d won New Hampshire, he was leading in the polls in South Carolina – why bother continuing to vote? Stick a fork in it and give him the crown. But a funny thing happened […]

January 19th

Do you despise Congress? (If not, you’re probably not paying attention.)

By David Brin Do you despise Congress? You’re not alone.  The current Congress’s 11% approval rating is the lowest since polling began. Yet, because of gerrymandering and the resulting hyper-partisanship, people tend to support their own particular Representative, and to heap the blame on the other party. Is everything just a subjective matter of partisan opinion? Are there  explicit […]

January 16th

Election 2012 + OWS: Watch Newt Gingrich’s devastating video that paints Romney as a job-killing one-percenter

As promised, a SuperPac associated with Newt Gingrich has released a killer video that shows just how much of a job-destroyer Mitt Romney was in his years as a venture capitalist. As President of Bain Capital, Romney epitomized everything that has gone horribly wrong with America: Talking piously about efficiency and restructuring, but in fact […]

January 12th

Election 2012: South Carolina Primary is wide open

Now that Iowa and New Hampshire have voted, the next big challenge for the GOP Presidential contenders is South Carolina, coming up January 24th. South Carolina has been the grave of insurgents, most recently helping John McCain bury Mike Huckabee in 2008; in 2000 it was McCain who lost out to George W Bush. But […]

January 12th