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100% renewable energy: Solar is already up 4500%, wind up 350% over 10 years

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC says US solar energy capacity increased by 4500% between 2006 and 2016, while the country’s wind capacity increased by 350%. The group’s fifth annual energy report, America’s Clean Energy Revolution, was published this week, confirming US shattered dozens of clean energy records over the last year and a half and proving that […]

October 5th

Climate Change Deniers Run House Committees

Surprised?  No. But there was some part of me that held out just a little hope that someday, somewhere out there, a reasonable Republican congressman (HA!) would find him or herself in a position of power to do something about, or at least, support, some small effort to mitigate climate change. Alas (and again), not […]

December 10th

How big oil warps our energy debate

By Rob Perks, NRDC In a recent story for the Washington Post, Steve Mufson put the lie to bed that President Obama is to blame for the nation’s higher gas prices. “There’s not much the president can do about gas prices,” he wrote in a thoughtful, straightforward analysis. (TIME magazine also busted this myth in its cover story, “The Truth About Oil.”) Be that as […]

April 11th

Carbon standard is a major victory

Anyone who wants to create a cleaner, healthier, and more stable environment for their children has a reason to celebrate today. The Environmental Protection Agency has issued the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from new power plants.  This is a major public health and environmental breakthrough, and every smart politician should trumpet it. Why? Because it is […]

Keystone XL: It’s ALREADY taking longer to clean up tar sands spills than they said

By Rocky Kistner . Natural Resources Defense Council As TransCanada announced it would begin building the southern leg of its Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas—setting the stage for a new Congressional battle over the transnational pipeline—Michigan residents are worried about a massive tar sands oil spill that persists in their backyards. That’s because thousands […]

March 2nd

GOP holds YOUR tax relief hostage… for the Keystone dirty oil pipeline

By Frances Beinecke  President, Natural Resources Defense Counsel  (Originally appeared at the NRDC blog, Switchboard) At the insistence of Republican lawmakers, the tax bill moving through Congress includes a provision requiring President Obama to make a fast-track decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline in 60 days. This is political opportunism at its most cynical. The […]

December 19th

Action: Last chance to keep New York from getting fracked up

By Kate Sinding Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Counsel Tomorrow night is the final of four hearings being held by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (details here and below) on its most recent proposal to allow new fracking across major parts of the state. This is NYC residents’ opportunity to tell Governor Cuomo to slow down because the state […]

November 30th

Despite Washington screw-ups, clean energy moves forward

Tea Party leaders like to paint clean energy and climate action as issues that matter only to elite Democrats living in coastal cities. This claim would come as a surprise to the 38,000 autoworkers building fuel efficient cars in Michigan, the 80 companies involved in the wind supply chain in Iowa, and the more than 100,000 Americans working in the solar industry across the nation.

October 5th

Action: Oppose the TRAIN Act, the Worst Air Pollution Bill Ever to Reach the House Floor

The TRAIN Act (H.R. 2401)—the most deadly bill on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s Pollution Plan—is expected to be brought up for a House floor vote today.
As initially introduced, the TRAIN Act was a biased and irresponsible “study” bill—creating a committee of cabinet members to review just the costs of a multitude of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) health standards, while ignoring the greater health and monetary benefits to Americans. While this version of the bill would have been harmful to human health, the bill is now an entirely different, and much more deadly beast that would result in many more deaths and health hazards…

September 23rd

Interior Department on the right track on fracking, but some Members of Congress get it wrong

By Amy Mall, Senior Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Defense Counsel Last week, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar held a public forum to discuss the best practices for hydraulic fracturing in oil and natural gas production. The forum included discussion by federal and state officials as well as representatives from industry and from environmental and sportsmen’s organizations. […]

December 14th

Energy and the Election, Part 2: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

By Wesley Warren, Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund Congress is considering clean energy legislation that would increase our security by cutting dependence on oil, reduce pollution that contributes to global warming, and create millions of new jobs. Yet this legislation, passed by the House and supported by President Obama, is stalled in the Senate. […]

October 21st