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Fake environmentalist Mike Shellenberger spreads fake talking points to promote lie-filled book

We first mentioned nuclear power-lover and renewable-hating former environmentalist Michael Shellenberger back in 2015, when he accused the Pope of blasphemy (among other things). By 2018 his anti-renewable schtick was catching on with the paid-by-fossil-fuels denial crowd, for example in his embrace of pollution-publicist Steve Milloy’s argument that a little nuclear radiation is perfectly safe. By Climate Denier Roundup Now […]

Free marketers oppose clean energy subsidies, but love them for coal and nuclear energy

At the start of August, we explained how the Ohio bill bailing out coal and nuclear plants with consumer cash was a boon to Trump pal Bob Murray. Murray’s company supplied the FirstEnergy coal plants with their climate-killing fuel, so what’s good for FirstEnergy, like this bill, is also good for Murray. By Climate Denier Roundup […]

September 3rd

Ohio takes expensive giant step backward, bailing out coal and nuclear

Earlier this month, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine officially signed into law HB6, which will funnel customer-paid subsidies to keep two otherwise uncompetitive nuclear power plants in the state from closing, while also bailing out two struggling coal plants. FirstEnergy has spent the last several years begging for federal or state intervention to save their plants, and […]

We shattered a CO2 record last month. Here’s how we can build a Green New Deal.

It’s impossible to talk about infrastructure without talking about the Green New Deal.  For the purpose of these diaries, we will refer to the version(1) of the Green New Deal put out by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez in H.Res. 109.  This bill calls for the United States to convert to 100% renewable energy within 10 years through a massive mobilization on the order […]

Rick Perry has kind words for renewables, energy storage, and nuclear (sorry, coal!)

The battle between renewable energy and fossil fuel is already at a boiling point, but that’s nothing compared to the steaming hot mosh pit of internecine warfare going on between coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy. In the latest development on that score, US Energy Secretary Rick Perry went on a bomb-throwing mission at the […]

May 2nd

Trump wants to sell nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia. That’s a terrible idea for so many reasons.

mm Saudi Arabia has many possible motives for pursuing nuclear power. TTstudio/ By Chen Kane, Middlebury The Conversation According to a congressional report, a group that includes former senior U.S. government officials is lobbying to sell nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia. As an expert focusing on the Middle East and the spread of nuclear […]

February 26th

Big Data: China is already generating TWICE as much energy from wind + solar as nuclear power

Close to five years ago I published an assessment of nuclear scaling vs wind and solar scaling using China as the proving ground in the CleanTechnica article “Wind Energy Beats Nuclear & Carbon Capture For Global Warming Mitigation.” Today, the China example is more clear proof that wind and solar are the better choice for global warming […]

February 22nd

IAEA asks for even more patience at the slow cleanup of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) asked for “patience and public transparency” in its review of cleanup activities at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. It’s the agency’s fourth review mission since the earthquake, tsunami and meltdown destroyed the plant in 2011. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica It has been nearly eight years since I began covering […]

February 8th