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TED Talk: Pro vs Con on Nuclear Energy

Should we be taking a serious second look at Nuclear Energy? With climate change the biggest potential disaster facing humanity, there are even environmentalists who now think nuclear power is actually a lower risk.

Take a look at this talk from TED, in which Stewart Brand and Mark Z. Jacobson go at it.

June 23rd

Obama Tested BY US-UAE Nuke Deal

The question of possible repurposing of civil nuclear technology has been a talking point in US policy on Iran, and that question specifically has been a bone of contention in the triangular posturing between the US, Iran and Russia.

August 4th

Japan Failing in its Koyoto Protocol Target

For the country where the Kyoto Protocol was laid out, Japan’s not doing so well. Instead of reducing its emissions to hit the country’s Kyoto target of dropping 6 percent from 1990 levels, Japan’s emission increased by 2.3 percent in the in the fiscal year only up to March, as compared to last year’s levels.

November 16th