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Oregon GOP walks out to prevent vote on climate bill – backed up by white supremacists

As our recent post on anti-Greta Naomi Seibt’s anti-Semitism and anti-feminism demonstrated, the forces of climate denial are making common cause with the patriarchy and white supremacy as part of the larger cultural battle to preserve white male dominance. The case of Oregon’s GOP fleeing the legislature over the past weeks provides a perfect example. At Vox, […]

Oregon bans fracking (but big oil still controls California)

In contrast with California where every bill to ban or impose a moratorium on fracking has been defeated under heavy political pressure by Big Oil, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed into law a five-year ban on fracking for oil and gas exploration and production on June 17. By Dan Bacher HB 2623, sponsored by Rep. Julie Fahey and […]

June 19th

West Coast salmon fishery in state of disaster

California Governor Jerry Brown and Oregon Governor Kate Brown have sent a letter  to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross requesting declaration of a catastrophic regional fishery disaster and commercial fishery failure for salmon in their states. By Dan Bacher The declaration begins the process for requesting federal aid to assist commercial salmon trollers and […]

May 26th

Resist! 6 States Leading The Way In Clean Energy & Climate Legislation

Let’s face it. Going forward, the United States’ role in fighting the climate crisis on the international stage is uncertain. However, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic, because states around the country are already leading the way in clean energy and climate legislation. (Originally appeared at our sister site, Cleantechnica. Originally published on The […]

January 30th

FBI shutting down Malheur occupation holdouts — liveblog

By Jeremy Bloom The last four hold-outs at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon have been refusing to leave for two weeks, since the FBI arrested the main ringleaders. It appears that the FBI has moved in and will attempt to remove them tonight. The four remaining anti-government militants — David Fry,  Sean Anderson, […]

February 10th

BLM agrees to protect old growth forest in Oregon

As everything melts down in Washington, there’s a little good news from the West Coast. The Bureau of Land Management, which supervises our nation’s forests, has settled a lawsuit by agreeing to more protections for old growth forest. Here’s the scoop from the Western Environmental Law Center: Conservation organizations Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center, Oregon Wild, and […]

February 18th