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Election 2020: Four more years of Donald Trump could delay global emissions cuts by 10 years

Donald Trump’s decision to step back from international climate action pushes any prospect of hitting global emissions targets to “near zero”. Modelling suggests there are only very limited circumstances where the Paris Agreement’s warming limit of 2C is met – and a US departure from the landmark 2015 deal restricts those options further for every term […]

July 24th

The Climate Action Now Act would lock Trump into the Paris Agreement (but won’t pass the Senate)

A day after Republicans and a handful of Democrats in the Senate rejected a Green New Deal resolution in what critics called a sham vote, House Democrats introduced H.R. 9 Wednesday—the Climate Action Now Act. It’s designed to stop Donald Trump from withdrawing from the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate. By Meteor Blades The act would […]

March 28th

Chevron jumps on bandwagon, aligns business strategy with Paris Climate Agreement goals

US-based oil and gas major Chevron has attempted to undercut a shareholder rebellion by announcing plans to align its business strategy with the Paris Climate Agreement, vowing to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25% to 30%. However, the company’s promises do not fully meet investor demands. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica Chevron published an update […]

February 13th

BP takes baby steps toward aligning with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement

Oil and gas major BP has announced it will support a resolution put forward by a group of institutional investors which calls for the company “broaden its corporate reporting to describe how its strategy is consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement.” By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica A group of leading institutional investors in […]

February 7th

Even Russia is planning on ratifying the Paris Climate Agreement (Hear that, Trump?)

Russia, one of the world’s highest-polluting hold-outs, has taken steps that could lead to ratification of the Paris Agreement. Meanwhile a key business group reversed its opposition. By Natalie Sauer Climate Home News Late last year, the country’s lead climate advisor Ruslan Edelgeriev released a statement flagging the preparation of a key report on the pros and cons […]

February 6th

We can meet the Paris Climate targets for 1/3 the cost of CURRENT fossil fuel subsidies!

The Leonardo DeCaprio Foundation has a new study out that shows it would take approximately $1.7 trillion per year globally to meet the Paris Climate goals and avoid climate change disaster. Karl Burkart notes that this amount “Pales in comparison to the vast subsidies governments currently provide to prop up the ailing fossil fuel industry, […]

January 28th

Want more jobs? Meeting Paris climate commitments would create 24 MILLION jobs

his month, when diplomats met in Poland to negotiate the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the United States took on the role of the villain. The United States, which plans to formally withdraw from the pact, rejected a landmark scientific report and touted the need for fossil fuels. Why? In justifying his opposition to the Paris Agreement, Trump has […]

December 31st

COP24 wrapup: 3 steps forward, 2 steps back

The COP 24 climate conference ended with the Polish minister in charge of the talks leaping from the podium into the crowd in gleeful celebration at all that had been accomplished. In truth, some progress was made. By Steve Hanley A Good Agreement COP 24 was primarily designed to establish the technical rules that will […]

December 18th

“Paris climate change conference 2.0” next week in Poland – time to up the ante on carbon cuts

From Dec. 2-14, an estimated 25,000 participants will meet in Katowice, Poland, for what is being called “Paris 2.0.” Poland’s deputy environment minister Michal Kurtyka will preside over the talks there as nations decide how to “count their greenhouse gas emissions, transparently report them to the rest of the world and reveal what they are doing to reduce them.” By Meteor […]

November 29th