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Coalition sues to block Trump’s scorched-earth attack on bedrock environmental law NEPA

A coalition of 20 organizations filed a lawsuit on Wednesday seeking to block the Trump administration’s gutting of a law dubbed the “Magna Carta” of U.S. environmental legislation. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), a five-decade old law, “embodies our nation’s environmental conscience” and “expressly commands the federal government to ‘fulfill the responsibilities of each generation as trustee […]

August 1st

Activists ramp up pressure on insurers after Swiss company ditches climate-wrecking Trans Mountain Pipeline

Climate campaigners and Indigenous activists celebrated after reporting from Reuters revealed on Wednesday that the Swiss insurance giant Zurich will soon stop providing coverage to the Canadian government-owned Trans Mountain Pipeline, increasing the pressure on other insurers to also ditch the existing tar sands pipeline and long-delayed expansion project. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “Zurich has done the right thing by refusing to […]

July 23rd

24 Hours. 3 Dirty Pipelines Delayed: SCOTUS rejects Trump effort to greenlight Keystone XL

The Supreme Court late Monday upheld a federal judge’s rejection of a crucial permit for Keystone XL and blocked the Trump administration’s attempt to greenlight construction of the 1,200-mile crude oil project, the third such blow to the fossil fuel industry in a day—coming just hours after the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and […]

SCOTUS greenlights another pipeline, WSJ celebrates (while dissing the Lorax)

On Monday night, the Wall Street Journal editorial board confirmed that it is, in fact, every bit the villain that children’s stories warn about. And what’s more, they know it. Because in addition to an editorial sarcastically congratulating Justice Elana Kagan for persuading Neil Gorsuch to ‘rewrite’ the Civil Rights Act and confirm that gay and transgender people […]

Instead of shutting down Aliso Canyon gas storage under California neighborhood, SoCalGas is expanding

Remember the infamous SoCalGas Aliso Canyon gas storage facility – home to the largest gas blowout in U.S. history in 2015? Well, Food & Water Action has just analysed data compiled over the last four years and found that the use of the facility has increased by about 3,000% under Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration. The group points out that […]

June 10th

First big oil came for the poor black community. $3.5 billion in damages later, they’re coming for YOU, too.

Yesterday we came across a tweet from the oil industry’s PR team, Energy in Depth, linking to a page from February accusing activists of “fear mongering” about the safety of a proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline. EiD has two key rebuttals to the Texas Real Estate Advocacy and Defense Coalition’s warning that “Kinder Morgan is building a blast […]

Trump guts NEPA, the bedrock of environmental regulation

This week’s ruling that Dominion Energy’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline needs to do a better job of addressing the impact a compression station would have on the historically black town of Union Hill, founded by freed slaves after the Civil War, was a major win for environmental justice. Judge Stephanie Thacker’s ruling, which stated that “environmental justice is […]

January 10th

Santa Barbara’s Refugio oil spill earns pipeline company a slap on the wrist

On April 25, Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge James Herman Plains sentenced Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. to pay $3,347,650 in total fines and penalty assessments for the massive 2015 Refugio Oil Spill in Santa Barbara County that killed marine mammals, protected sea birds, and other marine life and temporarily closing fishing and other recreation along the pristine coast. By Dan […]

April 29th

Trump signs executive order making it easier to ram through oil and gas pipelines (against the wishes of locals)

On April 10, President Trump signed two executive orders promoting oil and gas infrastructure development, drawing praise from Acting U.S. Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt and oil and gas corporations — and condemnation from environmentalists, public interest groups and elected officials. By Dan Bacher The first order, the “Executive Order on Promoting Energy Infrastructure […]

April 11th

Pipelines are a leaky, dirty dead-end. Let’s build clean infrastructure instead.

Although pipelines have been facing a number of setbacks recently, pro-pipeline groups aren’t giving up. One of those is Grow America’s Infrastructure Now (GAIN), which came to our attention because it’s recently begun sponsoring the Washington Examiner’s daily energy newsletter. By Climate Denier Roundup GAIN’s website simply describes the group as supporting strengthening infrastructure development and only mentions […]

February 15th

Why shouldn’t we store highly-pressurized gas under our homes and communities? (Bad idea!)

Environmental leaders from the Protect Playa Now! coalition issued a statement on January 22 demanding answers and accountability for a methane gas blowout at a well in the Playa del Rey Oil Field, operated by MDR Hotels, LLC and connected to a methane gas storage field operated by SoCalGas. The coalition’s call to action follow an emergency order released by […]

January 23rd