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No agreement yet from the first conference on an international plastics treaty

Hours before the first round of negotiations to advance a global plastics treaty concluded Friday in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, the leader of the United Nations implored countries “to look beyond waste and turn off the tap on plastic.” By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams “Plastics are fossil fuels in another form,” U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres tweeted, “and […]

December 5th

COP27 – When all else fails, deniers attack scientists (36 private jets does NOT equal 400)

In yesterday’s sixth edition of COP, Look, Listen, [which will be available as soon as our overworked friends in Sharm el-Sheikh can get it online, if it isn’t already by the time you read this, — Ed.] we saw the return of the viral disinfo from COP26 regarding private jet hypocrisy, even more heinous harassment of climate activists, and confirmation […]

November 16th

Environmental justice has the White House’s attention – but new funding won’t immediately solve deeply entrenched problems

A new office within the Environmental Protection Agency is bringing increased attention to a once-obscure concept: environmental justice. The Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights will distribute funds designated to help communities that are systematically overexposed to air pollution, contaminated water and other environmental harms. The money – between US$45 billion and $60 […]

November 13th

COP27 – What’s the deal with mining and renewable energy? (No, fossil fuels are NOT better)

The grand transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to a green one is underway. It will involve a fundamental shift in the way we generate and use energy for various purposes. Instead of drilling and mining for fossil fuels, we’ll need to mine for critical minerals to manufacture a whole lot of “clean” technologies like […]

November 12th

Bloomberg funds “Beyond Petrochemicals” campaign; WSJ wants your job to give you cancer

Earlier this month we talked about the Wall Street Journal’s opinion page twice, once about a gassy propaganda op-ed and again to wear their criticism of “climate censors” as a badge of honor. But even as they keep putting out climate disinfo, there was a third piece we just have to go back and talk about, because it’s just […]

October 17th

As the EPA introduces environmental justice office, the ‘mother of the movement’ remembers the Black women who led the battle

When Dollie Burwell, now 74, reflects back on the Warren County protests, she thinks about the Black women who led and supported the protesters. By Jessica Kutz The 19th News For six weeks in 1982, Burwell and hundreds of others from her predominantly Black North Carolina community marched to block trucks from bringing in soil […]

October 8th

Louisiana LNG plant that would have made cancer alley so much worse is in deep trouble – for economic reasons

Frontline leaders in Louisiana and environmental advocates cautiously celebrated Friday after gas developer Tellurian revealed that major deals with Shell and Vitol have fallen apart, a big blow to an export terminal project. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “While the fight is not over, this is hopeful news,” declared Roishetta Ozane, founder of the Vessel Project and Southwest […]

September 26th

“Exxon Knew” and covered up climate change facts for decades… but so did electric utilities!

The “ExxonKnew” campaign(s) from Inside Climate News to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the disinformation and propaganda they spread have gotten plenty of criticism from people who are carrying out a role in said playbook. But now there’s a legitimate criticism: The ExxonKnew branding is just too good! And its spread through the media has been so incredibly effective that […]

September 13th

Manchin’s side deal isn’t just a pipeline give-away to big oil – it guts mining protections, too

161 conservation and social justice organizations have sent a letter to members of Congress opposing the industry giveaway “side deal” demanded by Senator Manchin as part of the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. The signatories highlighted concerns over the human and environmental impacts from reckless hardrock mining and processing the side deal would cause. The letter […]

September 13th

How would you like lung cancer? New study shows how fossil fuels fill our lungs with deadly pollution

Experts emphasized the importance of more ambitiously addressing air pollution from fossil fuels after the presentation of a new breakthrough on lung cancer in Paris on Saturday. Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute and University College London (UCL) shared their findings—part of the TRACERx lung study funded by Cancer Research U.K.—at the annual conference of the European Society […]

September 12th

San Francisco Bay marine life devastated by deadly algae bloom

An unprecedented, massive harmful algal bloom (HAB) stretching throughout San Francisco Bay appears to be in decline, but the State Water Resources Control Board, San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board and California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) are warning that depleted oxygen levels could lead to “large-scale aquatic deaths” in the days ahead. By Dan […]

September 6th

Environmental Justice: Today Birmingham has no clean water – but they’ve had dirty air for 100 years

Industrial plants in Birmingham, Alabama, have polluted the air and land in its historic Black communities for over a century. In an epicenter of environmental injustice, officials continue to fail to right the wrongs plaguing the city’s north side. By Max Blau, graphics by Shane Loeffler ProPublica ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign […]

September 2nd