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Haiti’s Poverty is Directly Linked to Deforestation and Habitat Loss

Haiti’s sorrowful rank as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world has been directly attributed to the degradation of Haiti’s natural environment (less than 1.5% of its original tree cover remains intact) as well as a lack of governance structures, underinvestment in social capital, obstacles to private investment, and a spiraling “poverty trap”.

May 10th

Tangled Up in Green: The Dangers of Using Food for Fuel

Who knew Stephen King was a prophet? No, I’m not talking about the demon-possessed hot rods (I think we all saw that coming). I’m talking about America’s zombie-like loyalty to a certain cash crop — one that has turned our entire nation into the children of the corn. Lately, of course, you can’t watch, read, […]

March 27th