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Price on Carbon: Adding winemakers to the climate conversation

The Finger Lakes region of upstate New York is known for producing excellent cool-climate wines. The majority of the region’s 140 wineries are located in New York’s conservative 23rd congressional district, where they hold real influence. “Vineyards line the three lakes in Republican Congressman Tom Reed’s district and contribute greatly to the economy there,” says […]

Conservative-only climate event pushes congressional Republicans for carbon price

This week, conservative voters from across America are in D.C. to build Republican support for a carbon price. Known as Conservative Climate Lobby Day, this first-of-its-kind event is hosted by Citizens’ Climate Lobby. More than 90 conservatives are attending from 30 states, including Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. By Citizens’ Climate […]

After the fire: What Californians devastated by wildfire can do about climate change (Video)

Around the world, people are experiencing increasingly severe extreme weather events: floods, droughts, heat waves, hurricanes, and wildfires, like the one that destroyed the town of Paradise, California in November 2018. It’s more necessary than ever to talk about why these tragedies are happening – climate change – and what we can do to stop them. […]

A carbon price can reduce emissions AND benefit the poor

The world is vastly underestimating the benefits of acting on climate change. Recent research from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate finds that bold climate action could deliver at least $26 trillion in economic benefits through 2030. This ground-breaking research, produced by the Global Commission and more than 200 experts, highlights proof points of the […]

January 14th

With the right guiding principles, carbon taxes can work

Like most economists, I favor taxing carbon dioxide to cut carbon pollution. A carbon tax makes fossil fuels like oil and coal more expensive. That, in turn, leads consumers and industries to use less of them. At the same time, it boosts demand for alternative energy sources like wind and solar powered electricity.   By Gilbert […]

January 13th

DC passes strong clean energy bill – including a price on carbon

After a multi-year, grassroots-led campaign, today the Washington, D.C., City Council passed the strongest climate legislation anywhere in the country. The Clean Energy D.C. Act of 2018 is a concrete, binding, and specific law that will reduce the city’s emissions 44% by 2032. By Jamie DeMarco Citizens’ Climate Lobby The new law will put a small price […]

December 19th

CCL: Yellow Vest protesters have it right on carbon taxes – give the money back to the people!

Public resistance to fossil fuel price hikes, like that seen recently in France, can be overcome by returning revenue to households, Citizens’ Climate Lobby said Wednesday at the U.N. climate change conference in Katowice, Poland. “People worry about worsening climate impact costs, but they are also genuinely concerned about the economic impact carbon pricing will have […]

December 12th

Trump lies (again) about French “Yellow Vest” protests being anti-climate (they’re anti-RICH)

Like much of the media, Donald Trump used the occasion of hundreds of arrests of “yellow jacket” protesters in France on Saturday to tweet that the month-long expressions of violence catalyzed by an increased fuel tax prove that people aren’t interested in environmental protection, particularly policies to address climate change. He and the shallow media reports have it wrong. By […]

December 11th

Conservative media lying about French Yellow Vest groups (they’re NOT anti-climate change action)

If you’ve turned on Fox News, glanced at Breitbart, or read WSJ editorials or a Bret Stephens column lately, odds are you’ve heard of the “Yellow Vest” protests in France. In short, people who rely on gas are angry at a planned hike in already high gas prices as part of Macron’s broader agenda perceived as favoring the rich. Even though […]

December 10th