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Black Lives Matter: Former GOP Rep Bob Inglis on “Humility and the Exercise of Power”

(This ran two years ago as part of EcoRight News’ weekly roundup, but as we all take time to reflect on the struggle for environmental justice as well as social justice, I thought it would be appropriate to run it in full on this Martin Luther King Day. Let’s be safe out there, and keep […]

January 17th

Oppression in the kitchen, delight in the dining room: The Christmas Eve story of Caesar, an enslaved chef and chocolatier in Colonial Virginia

Christmas Eve is almost here, and among the many treats of the season are chocolate and hot cocoa. While these traditions provide a hefty dose of sugar, there’s a bittersweet side to chocolate’s history, too. By Kelley Fanto Deetz, University of California, Berkeley The Conversation This year, at Stratford Hall Plantation in Westmoreland County, Virginia, […]

December 25th

White people care less about the environment than everyone thinks they do

Americans substantially misperceive who is most concerned about protecting the environment and human health, and those misperceptions are consistent with white Americans’ lack of understanding of the gross inequities of environmental racism, FiveThirtyEight reports. By Nexus Media News Americans perceive young people, white people, and women as the most concerned about environmental issues, when in […]

November 27th

Environmental Justice: Why the Sierra Club supports reparations

Last month the Sierra Club commemorated Juneteenth. It’s a day of celebration for some, but a painful reminder for many. A reminder that justice for Black people in this country is never guaranteed—it is an afterthought and sometimes, not a thought at all. This year marked the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, the […]

July 3rd

American Jobs Plan: Billions for farmers of color is a smart investment and long overdue

You’ve probably heard that $5 Billion dollars from President Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus plan has been dedicated to farmers of color.   By Anthony Pahnke and Jim Goodman Common Dreams Specifically, that designation is for “socially disadvantaged farmers,” which according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), is anyone who has been subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice because of […]

Dinesh D’Souza says since people have always been poor, climate change can’t hurt them?

A week ago, Vice President Kamala Harris gave a speech on immigration, and mentioned climate change and extreme weather as some of the forces destabilizing the regions and pushing many people to flee North. The administration’s focus is (among other things) on “addressing both the acute factors and the root causes of migration,” the Washington Times coverage quotes Harris […]

Citizen’s Climate Lobby stands in support of the AAPI community

The horrific killings in Atlanta and attacks on members of the Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community has once again reminded us of the reality of the rise of anti-Asian hate, discrimination and violence across this country. Even before the pandemic, the AAPI community has endured verbal and physical harassment and assaults for decades. Since the emergence […]

Environmental Justice: Close the fundraising gap in climate activism

The Tishman Environment and Design Center at The New School found in a study last year that between 2016 and 2017, a dozen national environmental grant-makers awarded $1.34 billion to organizations in the Gulf and Midwest regions. Of that total, however, just $18 million—a paltry 1.3%—went to groups focused on environmental justice, leaving them chronically […]

February 11th

Two cowboy senators eager to keep Deb Haaland, first Native woman, from running Interior Department

Republican Sen. Steve Daines, the extremist junior senator from Montana who shills for the oil and gas industry, met with Rep. Deb Haaland last week and came away saying he will seek to block her nomination as secretary of the Department of Interior. Daines can slow down the process by placing a hold on her nomination, and he has support from Wyoming […]

February 10th

New study shows gamifying anti-racism a good way to inoculate against disinformation

In a recent feature in the Boston Globe, David Scharfenberg takes readers “inside the race to develop a vaccine for our other pandemic: hate.” Like ads for cigarettes or climate denial, racist extremism relies on disinformation to recruit and spread, and researchers are searching for ways for technology to stop acting as a vector and […]

February 10th

Will Gab rise as climate denial and the right’s new social media empire? (Nah)

Since Twitter and Facebook finally decided to start enforcing their terms of service and removed tens of thousands of violent and deranged Q-posters, there’s been a steady drumbeat from conservative accounts complaining about this heinous assault on their clout. Some, who are not quite odious enough to be banned, but are bad enough that they […]

January 26th

Biden has pledged to advance environmental justice – here’s how the EPA can start

On his first day in office President Joe Biden started signing executive orders to reverse Trump administration policies. One sweeping directive calls for stronger action to protect public health and the environment and hold polluters accountable, including those who “disproportionately harm communities of color and low-income communities.” By David Konisky, Indiana University The Conversation To […]

January 25th

Environmental Justice: The green movement is still too white

Environmental groups and the foundations that fund them made incremental, if mixed, progress toward diversifying their staff and leadership in 2020 but remain overwhelmingly white, according to a report issued by Green 2.0 Wednesday. The results are based on self-reported data from 37 of the country’s top 40 environmental NGOs and just 11 of the top […]

January 19th

Environmentalists should pay close attention to the racial justice movement

It might appear opportunistic to link the climate and racial justice movements at a time when race is shaping the conversation in the media, in our workplaces, and in our homes. But as Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson has recently explained, on the air and in her recent Washington Post op-ed, “Our racial inequality crisis is intertwined with our climate crisis. […]

January 18th

Rioting while white? Law enforcement doesn’t seem to have a problem with that (unlike LIVING while black)

Last week, the National Park Police had to release footage of a park ranger tazing Darrell House, a Navajo/Oneida man who, walking through Petroglyph National Monument in New Mexico after praying on his holy lands, briefly stepped off the path to observe social distancing. By Climate Denier Roundup CW—Police brutality Darrell House is a Navajo & Oneida […]

January 11th