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David Brin explains the Fiscal Cliff (and who we should blame for this latest mess)

By David Brin The lesson is simple: do not re-hire the dopes who made the mess.  To many U.S. voters, one issue towers foremost — the Fiscal Cliff of rising public debt. We appear to have come a long way since Republican Vice President Dick Cheney famously said “deficits don’t matter.” Today, frightened by much-worse debt crises […]

October 17th

EU: Socialism Rises Again – But How Green?

In France, the Old Left is rising again. Working people are becoming angry that bankers are being bailed out to continue to pay obscene bonuses while ordinary peoples’ jobs go to the wall. Governments are under pressure to limit mass unemployment as a result of the recession. But this cannot be done by propping up environmentally-dangerous industries. They must be required to change. It’s a story of danger – and of opportunity.

January 30th