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Why Trump wants to kill NEPA – the biggest environmental law you’ve never heard of

Following the rapid industrialization and population boom of the early 1900s, the environment stood as a casualty of society’s capitalistic growth. Rivers caught fire, DDT crashed bird populations, and scientists feared devastating harms caused by the escalating concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. These issues were exacerbated by the lack of federal regulation, as states led […]

BLM to NEPA – If Trump has his way, NONE of us will be able to breathe

Last week, Donald Trump took this country further down the road toward authoritarianism. He called on elected officials across the country to “dominate” and use violence against peaceful protestors. He called thousands of National Guard and members of unidentified militias into our nation’s capital. The National Guard used helicopters to intimidate and forcibly disperse protesters. […]

June 10th

‘Quietly putting hundreds of species at risk,’ Trump opens marine protected areas to commercial fishing

In a move that environmentalists warned could further imperil hundreds of endangered species and a protected habitat for the sake of profit, President Donald Trump on Friday signed a proclamation rolling back an Obama-era order and opening nearly 5,000 square miles off the coast of New England to commercial fishing. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams “We’re opening […]

First big oil came for the poor black community. $3.5 billion in damages later, they’re coming for YOU, too.

Yesterday we came across a tweet from the oil industry’s PR team, Energy in Depth, linking to a page from February accusing activists of “fear mongering” about the safety of a proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline. EiD has two key rebuttals to the Texas Real Estate Advocacy and Defense Coalition’s warning that “Kinder Morgan is building a blast […]

Environmental journalists shouldn’t try to be “fair and balanced” when Trump is unfair and imbalanced

The Society of Environmental Journalists had a webinar last week with Columbia University’s Earth Institute that discussed how the Trump administration has ramped up efforts to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to further roll back regulations to benefit polluters. By Climate Denier Roundup Western Wire, the Western Energy Association’s blog, wrote about the event, and it’s […]

Trump loves pollution: Next, let’s deregulate raw sewage!

Polluters, extractors, power-plant owners, corporate farmers, and land developers have good reason to be happy with the Trump regime. Since arriving in office three years ago, Donald Trump has rolled back 95 environmental rules. Or tried to. Many of these remain in litigation. Just a week ago, the White House announced that it would roll back protection for half the […]

January 31st

Should big oil be able to drill next to schools, homes and hospitals? California says NO!

Unlike many other oil and gas producing states including Texas, Colorado and Pennsylvania, supposedly “green” California has currently no health and safety zones around oil and gas drilling operations. For example, the state of Texas requires fracking operations to maintain 250 foot setbacks. This is by no means adequate for health and safety protections, but it […]

January 30th

Trump regime finalizes move allowing pollution and destruction of wetlands

Just two days after again praising himself for what he has ridiculously called his very good environmental record—this time in Davos, Switzerland, at the elite World Economic Forum—Donald Trump has finalized a rule that will remove half of America’s wetlands from Clean Water Act protections. At risk, among other things, is the drinking water of more than 100 […]

January 24th

EPA’s proposed ‘secret science’ rule directly threatens children’s health

The Trump administration is working to weaken U.S. environmental regulations in many areas, from water and air pollution to energy development and land conservation. One of its most controversial proposals is known as the “secret science” rule because it would require scientists to disclose all of their raw data, including confidential medical records, in order […]

January 8th

War on Science: Trump admin is back to censoring science. Again.

Last October, we were thrilled to find out that Scott Pruitt’s tobacco-protecting “sound” science “transparency” policy was put on the back burner at the EPA, essentially relegating it to regulatory purgatory. But if the Trump administration is committed to anything, it’s attacking science and reality. The policy has reared its ugly chimera head again in a memo the White House sent out to […]