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Coal can’t cut it – DOD shows hurricane-battered grid is better with renewables

Coal industry stakeholders been pushing hard to keep coal-fired power plants front and center in the nation’s grid mix, and a couple of new proposals from the Trump administration’s Energy Department could give them the upper hand. However, this year’s hurricane season has already exposed huge cracks in the coal industry’s “grid resilience” argument, and […]

October 11th

The path to 100% renewable energy: UK hits 30% renewables

Can the UK hit 100% renewable energy? New official statistics from the UK Government have shown that the country’s renewable energy sector generated nearly 30% of the country’s electricity in the second quarter, with wind energy producing more electricity than any other clean energy source. By Joshua S Hill  The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial […]

September 29th

House kills ARPA-E and renewable energy research, pumps up money for fossil fuels

If anyone needed proof that the US Congress is now a whipped puppy that slavishly obeys the orders of its masters — Charles and David Koch — the House last week completely eliminated funding for ARPA-E while giving the administration more money for fossil fuel research than the #FakePresident asked for. By Steve Hanley  Killing the golden goose […]

July 30th

Florida Trains to Run on Biodiesel

Florida authorities have announced bold plans to begin running many of the state’s trains on biodiesel. The switch will result in a significant reduction in carbon emissons and drastically reduce the chances of soil pollution in the event of a fuel spill.

October 30th

North Sea Grid Could Bring Wind Power to 70 Million Homes

European Union officials are studying plans for an international wind power grid in the North Sea that could provide energy generated from renewable sources to 70 million European homes. The proposed offshore grid would be more than 3850 miles long, and connect more than 100 wind farms, containing a total of 10,000 turbines to seven countries.

September 4th