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SOTU Republican response by Cathy McMorris Rodgers

The daddy party had mom come out and talk to us tonight in the first (of 3!) GOP responses. There was just one problem with the wonderful vision of an America in which everyone would do great if we all just worked hard and government got out of our way… The GOP has been trying […]

January 28th

Rand Paul’s extra GOP SOTU response

This is beyond irony. So I’ll just let his words speak for themselves. Last year, the man who only got into the Senate (“The most exclusive club on Earth”) because his Daddy is Ron Paul… said “For the first time in history, men and women were guaranteed a chance to succeed based NOT on who […]

January 28th

The GOP SOTU Response: To Win The Future, We Must Return to the Past

Neither Rep. Paul Ryan’s official Republican response to the State of the Union, nor Rep. Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party auxiliary response, actually responded to President Obama’s speech. Instead, both were campaign speeches. More of our State of the Union Coverage: State of the Union – Video and full text Video and full text of the […]

January 26th

The Sarah Palin Chronicles: From A to Z

Sarah Palin quotes from across the spectrum: from man not causing global warming, to the war in Iraq being a task from God, and how offshore drilling will save us – she says it all. 1. Introduction It’s obvious why Sarah Palin got the VP nod. And Saturday Night Live makes this point most brilliantly: […]

October 27th