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Some Republicans support conservation (but GOP Congress is sitting on their legislation)

Republicans for Environmental Protection today called on Speaker John Boehner to take up dozens of Republican-sponsored conservation and preservation measures that are pending in the GOP-led House. In its letter to the Speaker, the organization pointed to three dozen Republican-sponsored measures that await House consideration. The measures would designate scenic wilderness areas, protect free-flowing rivers, […]

March 22nd

GOP: No Compromise If We Retake the House

If you had any slim hope left for “bipartisanship” on environmental and energy legislation in Washington after the 2010 midterm election, you can forget about it. The Hill reports “Republicans aren’t interested in compromising with President Obama on major issues if they retake the House or Senate, a senior GOP lawmaker said.” “Look, the time […]

October 25th

Remembering A Time Of Less Polarized Environmental Politics

As we approach this hyper-partisan 2010 election, the “environment” has become just one more point of polarization, particularly around the question of Global Climate Change.  All but one Republican Senate candidate candidate today passively or actively opposes the idea that human activity is responsible for greenhouse gas effects on climate.  It is hard to find […]

October 18th

McCain vs. Obama: How Do The Candidates Stack Up On Energy?

Obama and McCain agree on the goals of energy and climate policy. Both candidates acknowledge global warming is man-made and advocate a mandatory cap-and-trade policy in the United States for dealing with carbon emissions — something the Bush administration opposes. They’re also largely in agreement over reducing oil consumption and investing in new energy technologies.

October 14th

Tangled Up in Green: The 3 a.m. Call That Didn’t Get Through

It looks like Hillary Clinton has another “3 a.m.” political ad out. This time it’s about the economy. I’m not sure what it is about these ads that have captured the nation’s imagination; John McCain has his own version of it, and, of course, it inspired scores of parodies on YouTube and among late-night talk […]

April 3rd