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Delta Tunnels – Who will pay back the bonds? (Hint: Cali taxpayers will be stuck with the bill)

A coalition of conservation groups today challenged the legality of proposed bonds that will be used to pay for the construction of the Twin Tunnels project. Also known as California WaterFix, the Delta tunnels would divert water around the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to Southern California. By Restore the Delta  The groups — Friends of the River, […]

September 18th

Delta Tunnels: Instead of real numbers, WaterFix backers only offer wishes and prayers

Restore the Delta’s Responses  to Metropolitan Water District’s Financing and Cost Allocation White Paper  After 11 years on the drawing board, MWD’s third California WaterFix white paper (WP#3) still only has rough estimates, licks and promises, and wishes and prayers for allocating costs and financing California WaterFix (CWF). It would be pathetic, if it were not […]

August 25th

Delta Tunnels: Restore the Delta tells MWD WaterFix is NO solution

Open letter from Restore the Delta to MWD Subject:  Metropolitan Water District Participation in California WaterFix Dear Chair Record, Vice Chairs, and District Board Members: Restore the Delta advocates for local Delta stakeholders to ensure that they have a direct impact on water management decisions affecting the water quality and well-being of their communities, and […]

August 24th

Delta Tunnels: No surprise, WaterFix would raise rates for millions (and benefit millionaires)

On August 16, Fitch Ratings confirmed what Delta Tunnels opponents have been saying for years — the proposed California WaterFix project being currently fast-tracked by the Trump and Brown administrations would likely drive a significant increase in monthly water rates. By Dan Bacher  This increase in water rates would have a particularly egregious impact upon people in low income and […]

August 24th

LA County ratepayers rally against the Brown/Trump water-stealing Delta Tunnels

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) is considering raising water bills and taxes in Los Angeles County to fund Governor Jerry  Brown and President Donald Trump’s giant multi-billion-dollar Delta Tunnels, considered by opponents to be the most environmentally destructive public works project in California history. By Dan Bacher  This afternoon starting at 2 p.m., MWD […]

August 14th

Delta Tunnels: The fight to block the California WaterFix comes down to the wire

In the latest battle in the California water wars, Restore the Delta (RTD) submitted a formal letter to the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California, laying out “various fiscal, environmental, and supply reliability risks of the [California WaterFix/ Delta Tunnels] for not only Southern California, but the entire state.” By Dan Bacher  Growing numbers of Southern California ratepayers […]

August 12th

Dear Governor Brown: Time to admit your Delta Tunnels WaterFix plan is falling apart

By Dan Bacher Restore the Delta (RTD) today released a powerful open letter to Governor Jerry Brown from Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, RTD Executive Director, stating “It’s time to detach your legacy from the Delta Tunnels proposal.” “It’s time to face the reality that this plan is falling apart,” she said. Brown’s controversial California Water Fix to build the Delta Tunnels is […]

March 16th