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Sarah Palin NOT running for President

After months of campaigning, fundraising, touring the country and shooting her mouth off, Tea Party darling Sarah Palin has finally made her decision. It’s all been a lot of fun, and very lucrative, but she will NOT be a candidate for President in 2012.

October 5th

Giffords Shooting: Crazy Talk Leads to Crazy Acts. Take a Stand Against Hatred.

Why did a crazy person shoot at Democratic Elected officials? Is it just because he’s crazy? Or could it just possibly be because Republican elected officials call Democrats  tyrants, power-grabbers and traitors, and talk about taking up guns and doing something about it? (For background on this story, see our previous article, “Giffords Shooting: Environmentalists […]

January 9th

Sarah Palin Cartoon Archive (cartoons)

Sarah Palin has a book. I’m sure that makes her qualified to run our country. But, in case you need to be reminded how clueless the former VP candidate is, please view this short Sarah Palin cartoon archive.

November 30th

Health Care Bill Hailed by Obama, but Stupak-Pitts Abortion Amendment May Divide Dems in 2010

While passage of House a health care bill was hailed as a victory for President Obama, the Democrat divide over the Stupak-Pitts abortion amendment is already playing out in the Massachusetts race for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. After climate change compromise, inevitable escalation in Afghanistan, and little movement on gay rights, is the House health care bill’s abortion amendment a bridge too far for progressives? Will health care galvanize or divide Dems heading into 2010. And, what might it mean for climate change?

November 8th