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Black Lives Matter: Struggle and Sustainability Along the Louisiana Gulf Coast

In 2018, studies showed that 51.3 million domestic and international visitors traveled to Louisiana. In addition to the festivals and rich culture, Louisiana’s unique environment and culinary traditions are major attractions. Louisiana also holds the second largest commercial fishing industry in the U.S., following Alaska, and produces approximately one-third of the nation’s oysters. By Anne-Julia Price Impakter However, Louisiana […]

Renewable Roundup: Renewable energy is a huge boon for the island nation of Indonesia

Indonesia is undergoing another conversion in government policy on energy. There is much more renewable energy in this year’s plan, to be achieved much sooner than previously thought, on more than 9,000 inhabited islands. Wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, wave, tide, storage… By Mokurai Indonesia should put more energy into renewable power Aug 19, 2019 In […]

May 23rd

Coronavirus + climate change means cities need to change for people to live and thrive. But how?

In the 21st century, a seemingly global prosperity masks an unequal distribution of benefits. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world’s cities, where extreme wealth can exist next door to concentrated poverty. In some cities, like those in South Africa, well-meaning policies and investments in transit and housing have actually deepened the inequality and segregation […]

State of the data: First quarter of 2020 is second warmest on record

This year is shaping up to be one of the warmest years on record – if not the warmest. This is particularly noteworthy because 2020 is likely to see neutral El Niño/La Niña conditions that will play little-to-no role in boosting annual temperatures. By Zeke Hausfather The first three months of 2020 were the second warmest on record, behind […]

May 4th

Climate gentrification: rising seas lead to rising rents (video)

Coastal flooding is driving up the cost of housing in high-elevation Miami neighborhoods like Little Haiti. In the summer of 2018, Nexus Media took part in Freedom to Breathe, a cross-country tour that explored how climate change intersects with the racial, social, and economic challenges that Americans face every day. Nexus Media We saw firsthand how fossil fuel […]

March 1st

Greenland’s ice is melting so fast, it’s raising sea levels NOW (not in 100 years)

Scientists monitoring sea level rise have often focused on Greenland’s southeast and northwest regions where the mammoth glaciers push towards the Atlantic Ocean and deposit iceberg-size chunks of ice. This was described as “a response to both oceanic and atmospheric forcings” and resulted, between 2000 to 2010, in ice loss being concentrated in the southeast and […]

January 28th

California is on fire. Again. Climate change is already costing us tens of billion$

The California Natural Resources Agency recently released a new statewide climate change assessment. According to the report, climate change impacts in California will increase in severity over the coming decades. Rising temperatures will result in more heat waves, and by 2050 there might be an extra 11,000 heat-related deaths each year. It is expected there will […]

November 10th

Hurricane Florence: Rivers flood regularly during hurricanes, but get less attention than coastlines

Hurricane Florence, now a tropical depression, has dropped record-setting rainfall on parts of North Carolina. Many river gauges show waterways above flood stage. Flash and long-term flooding, as well as a risk of landslides, are expected to continue for days. Flooding in Kinston, North Carolina during Tropical Storm Florence, September 14, 2018. NC National Guard, […]

September 17th

Hurricane Florence: Maybe we should have listened to Al Gore in Inconvenient Truth?

As Hurricane Florence surges ashore in the Carolinas, it’s worth casting our minds back a dozen years to An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore and his documentary crew attempted to mobilize the world around the imminent and pressing challenge of global warming. His messages included the threat of increased severity and frequency of Atlantic hurricanes, something which […]

September 15th

Sea Level Rise: Not just for the Maldives (it’s Miami and Mobile and Myrtle Beach, too!)

When we think of sea-level rise due to global warming, we tend to think of beaches eroding or perhaps tiny Pacific nations such as the Maldives slowly disappearing. The reality, however, is that it won’t be countries or country sides bearing the economic brunt of sea-level rise, but cities. By Michael Barnard Cleantechnica Here are some important […]

August 23rd