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Evangelicals support the the Senate Report on the Climate Crisis

It’s past time for bold action on climate change. We are thankful for the Senate Special Committee on the Climate Crisis report, released today, titled “The Case for Climate Action.” Addressing the climate crisis is crucial to safeguarding our families’ health and our children’s future. Without bold action, more communities across the United States will continue to […]

‘The Age of Incrementalism Is Over,’ declares Green New Deal champion Ed Markey after defeating Joe Kennedy III

Bolstered by an energized climate movement, small-dollar donors, and support from prominent progressive lawmakers like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Green New Deal champion Sen. Ed Markey on Tuesday fended off a Democratic primary challenge from Rep. Joe Kennedy III, whose name recognition and late endorsement from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were ultimately insufficient to topple the popular Massachusetts […]

September 2nd

Sept 1 Primary: Joe Kennedy III challenges Ed Markey in 2020’s weirdest primary race

When Senate incumbents are challenged in a primary and lose, it is usually because they are enmeshed in a scandal. Incumbency has numerous advantages: sitting senators have six years to build up a war chest, they have high name recognition, and they have experience running statewide campaigns. Plus, both parties actively discourage primary challenges. Yet […]

August 31st

Election 2020: Green groups slam new Senate Democrats’ climate report as ‘Underwhelming and inadequate’

A climate action report released Tuesday by Senate Democrats drew disappointed reactions from green groups and progressive campaigners who say it does not do nearly enough to combat the potentially existential threat of catastrophic global heating caused by human activity. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The report—titled “The Case for Climate Action: Building a Clean Economy […]

August 27th

Greenpeace Targets Vulnerable GOP Senators With Demand to Pass Urgently Needed Covid-19 Relief

Part of a broader progressive coalition demanding Republicans in the U.S. Senate end their refusal to vote on the Covid-19 relief bill passed by House Democrats back in May, organizers with Greenpeace USA on Thursday morning staged a protest outside the U.S. Capitol Building contrasting the intransigence of key GOP lawmakers with the suffering and […]

August 7th

Climate Hawks Vote endorses Sara Gideon for Senate to unseat Susan Collins in Maine

Climate Hawk Democrats can flip the Senate by ousting Susan Collins, the endangered Senate Republican who tries to pretend that she’s moderate. Her moment in the national spotlight came in September 2018 when she defended Brett Kavanaugh and cast the deciding vote to confirm him to the Supreme Court, declaring that he would respect settled […]

July 6th

Evangelicals applaud first-ever Bipartisan Senate Climate Caucus

We know that bipartisanship is key to defending children from the climate crisis, and that is why we are so pleased by the new bipartisan Senate Climate Solutions Caucus. This new effort, led by Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) and Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), creates a hopeful path forward for meaningful action. By The Evangelical Environmental […]

Sen Brian Schatz forms a Senate Special Committee on the Climate Crisis (No GOP sign on)

10 Democrats in the Republican-dominated Senate have decided to set up their own climate change committee, the Special Committee on the Climate Crisis, which will be led by climate hawk Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii. An earlier attempt to get Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to set up a bipartisan climate committee was rejected. By Meteor […]

March 29th

Why do children confront Senators on Green New Deal? In 50 years,the kids will have to live in this mess

In an interesting turn of events this week, two generally savvy politicians lost their tempers and ways with Sunrise Movement youth. And in their inability to show calm, patience, understanding, and even a bit of a knowing smile, Senators holding onto tenuous political power may have overplayed their hands and, in doing so, strengthened support […]

February 27th

Sen Lisa Murkowski ways we can find common ground on clean energy

Addressing the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski said she disagrees with those who say “there is no way we can figure things out in energy space.” Referencing the “so-called New Green Deal,” she explained that any low or no carbon solution has to include nuclear power. ” By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN “Even […]

February 19th

Mitch McConnell will bring Green New Deal to a hasty Senate vote (He thinks it’s a trap)

Mitch McConnell has announced he’s bringing the Green New Deal resolution to a vote in the Senate. He’s wagering that he can use this early vote to destroy the momentum for the Green New Deal before the Sunrise Movement is able to build support in the Senate. By Carolyn Fortuna Cleantechnica The Sunrise Movement intends […]

February 14th