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Recess appointment: GOP Senate will block Trump from replacing Jeff Sessions

There has been a lot of concern that President Trump might take advantage of the Senate’s upcoming recess to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and use a back-door “recess appointment” to replace him. Presumably, whatever goon steps into Sessions’ shoes would then fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, thereby ridding Trump of his meddlesome Russia investigation. […]

July 27th

With GOP senate majority, expect more love for fossil fuels and global warming denial

The GOP is salivating at the prospect of regaining a majority in the senate this November. And they’ve already started talking about what they’ll do. Sen. James Inhofe (Okla.), Environment and Public Works  This is probably the worst possible news for the environment: Climate hoaxer and fossil fuel lover James Inhofe would be IN CHARGE […]

April 3rd

ConservAmerica endorses green-leaning Republicans

What do you do if you consider yourself a a conservative, but also a conservationist? Where do you go when the party that represents most of you views on economics and social issues seems to want to cut down all the trees on your local mountains, level the mountains, and then frack under what’s left […]

November 5th

Democracy for America endorsements – support your progressives!

Democracy for America started life as Howard Dean’s presidential organization, but has transformed into one of the best groups organizing and fighting for progressive candidates and ideals. Here are the candidates they have endorsed in the 2012 election… Senate | House | States | Local  Elizabeth Warren (MA-Sen) Contribute | VolunteerThere’s a movement in Massachusetts to elect […]

November 5th

Reason #7,162 not to Vote Republican: James Inhofe

The Massachusetts Senate race has just become a battleground in the fight against climate change. In the debate between Democratic nominee Elizabeth Warren and incumbent Republican Scott Brown last week, Warren brought up a great point about the consequences of voting for Scott Brown (and by extension, ushering in a Republican majority into the Senate):  […]

September 26th

Election 2012: LCV names Virginia’s George Allen to its Dirty Dozen list (with video)

The League of Conservation Voters is targeting the worst anti-environment lawmakers in this election cycle; today they named Virginia Senate candidate George Allen as the first member of that ignominious list. “George Allen has spent his time out of office working for his favorite oil executives and now he’s trying to return to the U.S. […]

January 31st