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Why does the NY Times (and other big media) get Tesla so wrong?

Among people closely following Tesla, it seems that the biggest topic of the past week has been biased and misleading coverage of Tesla, and electric vehicles or cleantech more generally, from major media outlets. By Zachary Shahan Cleantechnica This is a particularly hard topic in this day and age. Independent, world-class investigative journalism is a […]

July 2nd

Tesla vs Ford, yet another David vs Goliath story (or mammals vs dinosaurs)

Today, Tesla and Ford both had their 3rd quarter 2018 financial calls. Upstart, diversified auto/energy company vs. established, focused auto company. Electric vehicles vs. fossil fuel vehicles. How does the competition look? By Vijay Govindan Cleantechnica CleanTechnica is not a financial site. That’s not our strength. We’re into clean tech. Tesla is the biggest company in […]

October 26th

Tesla publishes breakthrough Q3 results

Things looked bleak for Tesla and Elon Musk last month. The short sellers were mounting a charge and then the SEC came knocking, demanding that Musk step aside from his position as chairman of the board. Shares in the company tumbled to below $250 as the wolves began circling. Some people began wondering who would […]

October 25th

Let’s look at securities violations by Tesla – and by Tesla’s enemies (with tons of data!)

A great deal of attention has been recently placed on the conflict between Elon Musk and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding certain tweets by the CEO of Tesla. What is not clear to many, however, is the extraordinary number of potential securities violations that are happening regularly with regards to Tesla’s stock (NASDAQ: […]

October 12th

Tesla: First the trolls and short-sellers went after Elon Musk, then the SEC. What’s going on?

The media appears to enjoy bashing Tesla and Elon Musk right now. It’s like someone invited the press to a “troll-a-thon” gone wild — journalists just can’t stop themselves. James Francis (via Tech Central) gives some examples: “Elon Musk is out of control! We need to take him away from Tesla! He needs to be reined in! Please, will someone think of the shareholders?” By Matt […]

October 1st