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Renewable Roundup: Making solar more sustainable (Through recycling and other means)

Sustainability means different things to different stakeholders. It can be mining and recycling of materials, and it can be the quite different question of a sustainable global economy that brings prosperity and other benefits to billions more people. It can be the question of profitability of investments in renewable energy, electric vehicles, sustainable agriculture, carbon-free […]

June 15th

Hurricane Irma: Why can’t Floridians use their own solar panels for power when the grid is down?

A controversy is brewing in Florida following the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. Many people in the state thought their rooftop solar systems would keep the lights on and the air conditioning running even after Irma knocked out power to millions of customers in the state. But it didn’t quite turn out that way. By Steve Hanley  In […]

September 22nd

Trade war over solar panels comes one step closer

Hearings for the much-hyped and controversial Section 201 trade case filed with the US International Trade Commission by Suniva and SolarWorld began this week, further raising fears that if Donald Trump is brought into the equation, tarrifs could be slapped on solar panels and the US solar industry may suffer. By Joshua S Hill  The first […]

August 19th

Solar energy: What will the next big break-though be?

The cost of solar energy has fallen steadily, thanks to amazing increases in the efficiency of solar panel manufacturing. But the panels themselves aren’t all that efficient yet – could that be the next big growth area for solar?  By Ricky Dunbar  If you were to walk into a solar store and purchase some of their […]

August 17th