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2011 year in review: Solar energy has a great year

WASHINGTON – Rhone Resch, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association, today published the following review of the U.S. solar energy market in 2011: “In contrast to some of the recent headlines, the solar energy industry is a strong, thriving industry in the United States that is creating jobs and lowering costs for the consumer. […]

December 26th

Energy Sec. Chu defends Solyndra – and US clean energy jobs

Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu is scheduled today to visit General Electric’s PrimeStar thin-film solar factory in Colorado, where he’ll stress the importance of the clean energy industry to America’s future and reaffirm his commitment to it. It’s something Secretary Chu is wise to do. And it’s something the 2.7 million Americans who make their living in the […]

November 17th

Obama admin rejects GOP fishing expedition on Solyndra

Yesterday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent President Obama a subpoena – for every Executive Branch document having anything to do with Solyndra, from the beginning of the administration to the present. Today, the White House Council’s Office rejected that subpoena, calling it a “vast fishing expedition” and a “significant intrusion on Executive Branch […]

November 4th

The real reason Solyndra got government subsidies

  By Susan Kramer (Cross-posted from our sister blog, CleanTechnica) The Obama administration had set a goal, for the public good, of cutting solar costs to $1 a watt installed by 2016. The reason that the Obama Department of Energy invested $535 million in backing some of the private VC loans (which totaled $1 billion) […]

November 2nd

GOP’s Solyndra witch-hunt screws other solar programs

Why is the GOP trying to turn the bankruptcy of solar power company Solyndra into a big huge scandal? Sure, they want to embarrass the Obama administration, but more than that – it’s actually having real-world consequences for other solar projects.
The latest casualty: A project that would have installed solar roofs on military housing.

September 27th

Voters oppose government support for clean energy? Not so fast…

Rasmussen reports, the conservative pollster, has a new survey out that claims 59 % of voters oppose government loan help for alternative energy companies like Solyndra. But it’s funny how surveys work. There’s a big difference between asking clean questions, and horrifically loaded questions that are carefully weighted to get the response you prefer. Guess which kind Rasmussen asked?

September 26th

House GOP plans new witch hunt over solar bankruptcy

Ed: It’s good for consumers when solar cell prices go down, but it makes it harder for solar manufacturers to turn a profit. With solar prices dropping 30% in the current recession, solar company Solyndra, a recipient of a large chunk of stimulus cash, nevertheless went bankrupt last week… and now House Republicans want to […]

September 9th