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IRENA has a roadmap to 86% renewable energy by 2050 (through electrification)

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) published a new report this week which charts pathways to further accelerate a transformation of the global energy mix by intensifying electrification to the point that renewable energy can provide 86% of global power demand. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica The new IRENA report, Global Energy Transformation: A Roadmap to […]

April 10th

Missing link for renewable energy storage – hot stones?

On Monday, the Danish minister of education and research, Tommy Ahlers, attended the official inauguration of a giant pilot facility that will use 600 degree hot stones to store energy. Speaking to, he said: “This could be the missing link in our renewable energy transformation.” (It’s arguable whether there really is a missing link, but that’s another story.) High-temperature thermal energy […]

March 21st

Puerto Rico goes renewable with solar, storage, and midi grids

Puerto Rico is still struggling to recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 storm that obliterated the island’s aging and poorly maintained electrical grid. Like many islands, Puerto Rico has depended for years on electricity from diesel and coal powered generators. Virtually all of them were located along the southern coast of […]

February 11th

Why shouldn’t we store highly-pressurized gas under our homes and communities? (Bad idea!)

Environmental leaders from the Protect Playa Now! coalition issued a statement on January 22 demanding answers and accountability for a methane gas blowout at a well in the Playa del Rey Oil Field, operated by MDR Hotels, LLC and connected to a methane gas storage field operated by SoCalGas. The coalition’s call to action follow an emergency order released by […]

January 23rd

As Trump’s tariffs raise the cost of solar installations, Elon Musk and Tesla cut their prices

Tesla is slashing prices on its solar systems 10–20% in recognition of the progress it has made streamlining its solar sales process by integrating Tesla Energy products into its existing high-traffic storefronts. “As a result of the vertical integration of our solar products into Tesla’s retail stores and the increased efficiencies we’ve realized over the past […]

November 16th

Don’t panic: New tech means there’s plenty of lithium to meet our battery needs for 100% Renewable Energy

The energy storage sector has been growing robustly, despite some concerns about the global supply chain for one key material, lithium. That question could soon be moot. The California-based startup Lilac Solutions has just received a major financial boost for an innovative, low-impact method for extracting lithium from abundant brines around the globe. By Tina […]

September 4th

Hydrogen fuel cells – not there yet (but getting close)

Hydrogen, oh hydrogen. In the race to zero-emission vehicles, there is no clear winner. Battery electric vehicles require heavy batteries to carry them over long distances while the less-developed suite of technologies supporting hydrogen vehicles results in efficiencies that drive the price of hydrogen up, especially at current low volumes. But there’s more to it […]

August 13th