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7 Solutions to water pollution in a warming post-COVID world

Climate change is transforming how we think about water. As the climate warms and weather patterns become more extreme, solutions to water pollution are increasingly important. The likelihood of more floods and droughts in the future makes it imperative that we transform current water systems to be more resilient. By Emily Folk Extreme weather patterns, along with […]

July 29th

How to encourage your local government to go green

It’s always been important to live sustainably as individuals. Our smallest actions can make a significant impact as a whole! But it’s even more crucial for our local governments to realize their own climate change responsibility. These representatives have the means to set regulations that push us toward a sustainable future. By Emily Folk Here […]

July 23rd

Top 7 eco-friendly cities around the world

As sustainability becomes a global hot topic, cities around the world have started to step up their efforts. At the same time, many areas encounter financial and policy-related challenges. How can these locations improve? They could consider some real-world examples of eco-friendly leaders. By Emily Folk If we can recognize and support green epicenters, other […]

July 18th

Gardening maintenance: A month by month guide

Every spring, people get excited to head to the store for gardening supplies. It’s fun to plant seeds and watch your garden grow, but anyone who wants a green thumb should how to tend plants in every season. It’s possible to garden all year round if you know what to look for and add to your […]

July 12th

Renewable Roundup: Making solar more sustainable (Through recycling and other means)

Sustainability means different things to different stakeholders. It can be mining and recycling of materials, and it can be the quite different question of a sustainable global economy that brings prosperity and other benefits to billions more people. It can be the question of profitability of investments in renewable energy, electric vehicles, sustainable agriculture, carbon-free […]

June 15th

Sustainability vs Conservation: Key similiarities, key differences

When it comes to discussions about the environment, people sometimes view sustainability and conservation as synonymous. Both concepts focus on caring and advocating for the planet, emphasizing the importance of protecting natural resources and preserving ecosystems. However, there is one essential distinction between the two. By Emily Folk Conservation, including biological and ecological preservation, focuses […]

May 31st

5 tips for shopping sustainably and avoiding greenwashing

Sustainability and eco-brands on the raise, we find some are far off being ethical or align with sustainable values. Here’s how to step up from greenwashing & find out whether or not a brand is sustainable. By Emily Folk The colossal impact of fast fashion on the environment is better understood now than it was […]

May 24th

Death by Chocolate

Chocolate production generates a lot of pollution. To minimize your impact, opt for dark — just a little — and skip the frills. By Marlene Cimons Nexus Media was predictable that one day Adisa Azapagic, who studies the carbon footprint of various foods, would get around to chocolate. Little was known about the environmental impact […]

February 14th

5 books about climate change and sustainability you need to read this autumn

We love books! Especially books about climate change, climate science, sustainability, and all the topics we feature in The Beam. Here are a small selection of recent books you should get your hands on this autumn. By Anne-Sophie Garrigou. The Beam Editor-in-Chief This article was published in The Beam #6 — Subscribe now for more on the topic. […]

November 24th

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our food choices (and how they affect our planet)

Around the US Thanksgiving holiday, we hear chatter everywhere about the food we eat when we gather with family and friends. Historically, Thanksgiving was a time to celebrate the harvest and our gratitude for gifts of the bounty. In the 21st century and technology era, however, producing the foods we eat has massive environmental impacts. By Carolyn […]

November 23rd