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Trump’s solar tariff is killing jobs. Protecting American Solar Jobs Act will repeal it.

Bipartisanship in any matter of importance is rare these days in Washington. But there’s an occasional example to show it’s not wholly impossible. With a focus on jobs, Sens. Martin Heinrich of New Mexico and Dean Heller of Nevada have joined forces in introducing a bipartisan bill to repeal the 30 percent tariff on imported solar cells that Pr*sident Donald Trump imposed in […]

June 11th

Solar industry lost 10,000 US jobs in 2017

The US solar industry lost nearly 10,000 jobs in 2017 according to latest figures from the National Solar Job Census 2017 published this week by The Solar Foundation, the first year that jobs have decreased since the Foundation began publishing its Census in 2010. By Joshua S Hill The National Solar Job Census found that the US solar industry employed 250,271 […]

February 8th

Colossally stupid trade war rewards 2 bankrupt solar companies while destroying 9,000

The US International Trade Commission on Friday voted unanimously in favor of proceeding with the Suniva/SolarWorld Section 201 trade case, finding Chinese solar imports are “a substantial cause of serious injury to the domestic industry,” despite the claims and evidence of virtually the entire US solar industry. By Joshua S Hill  Unsurprisingly, the resulting fall-out from […]

September 26th

Trump tariffs could strangle the solar boom

Tumbling prices for solar energy have helped stoke demand among U.S. homeowners, businesses and utilities for electricity powered by the sun. But that could soon change. President Donald Trump – whose proposed 2018 budget would slash support for alternative energy – will soon get a new opportunity to undermine the solar power market by imposing duties that could […]

September 25th

US solar industry could be devastated by todays trade ruling – crushing tariffs could follow

Are solar cells too cheap? That’s what the US International Trade Commission effectively ruled Friday, granting bankrupt US manufacturers SolarWorld and Suniva’s petition for relief from cheaper imported solar panels. Next, they’ll deliberate a remedy, which would likely mean job-crushing tariffs. The solar industry says that with the price of panels jacked up, hundreds of projects would be canceled […]

September 22nd

Paula Mints: Will The Tariff Wars Ever End?

Paula Mints is one of the top market researchers in the country whose insights are sharp and incisive. She is also the founder and chief market research analyst for SPV  Market Research. In this post, she says the trade wars currently raging in the solar industry must stop — or the long-term damage to the industry may be irreparable. […]

April 6th