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Senate Proposes $7500 Tax Credit on Plug-In Electric Hybrid Vehicles

As part of the Senate’s proposed tax stimulus plan, tax credits of up to $7500 have been included for plug-in electric vehicles! This is huge proposal and signifies the Senate is willing to work with President Obama to wean the United States off its dependency on foreign oil.

The Senate proposal would double the number of cars eligible for the credit, as well as stimulate the economy through sales of plug-in electric hybrid vehicles when they hit the showrooms this fall.

January 28th

McCain vs. Obama: How Do The Candidates Stack Up On Energy?

Obama and McCain agree on the goals of energy and climate policy. Both candidates acknowledge global warming is man-made and advocate a mandatory cap-and-trade policy in the United States for dealing with carbon emissions — something the Bush administration opposes. They’re also largely in agreement over reducing oil consumption and investing in new energy technologies.

October 14th