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Dem Senators have a tax plan that doesn’t give 90% of benefits to the ultra-rich

Democratic Senators Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin and Cory Booker of New Jersey joined Friday in Milwaukee to release their own tax plan as one counter to the Republican tax plan that transfers trillions of dollars to the ultra-rich and nickels and dimes to middle-class and working class Americans. By Meteor Blades Proving once again that Democrats haven’t learned a thing from […]

October 8th

Trump lies: His “family farmer” who “fears the inheritance tax” is Monsanto’s biggest seed-corn grower

Political consultant and pollster Frank Luntz didn’t invent all the most viral Republican soundbites, such as “tax and spend Democrats,” but he knows how to snow an audience with political marketing via deceptive wordsmithing. The audience, of course, being the American people. By Meteor Blades For instance, Luntz says it should be “opportunity scholarships” instead of […]

September 28th

GOP tax plan will take money from middle class and shovel it to the wealthy

This afternoon in Indianapolis, Pr*sident Donald Trump will deliver a speech outlining a long-awaited tax overhaul that, among other things, the White House and Republicans in general hope will reboot a regime that has failed to deliver on promises to its base and whose various shenanigans, gaffes, and missteps have generated a backlash that includes ever-lower approval ratings […]

September 27th

Occupy Wall Street’s issues – Economic justice, tax rates and the decline of the middle class – will be THE top issue in 2012

By David Brin In an earlier political posting I pointed out that the top federal income tax rate – for earned income – has seldom been lower than it is right now.. and the rate that Mitt Romney pays on dividends is half of that.  Federal taxes, in general, are at one of the lowest points since 1912… suggesting […]

February 12th

Obama to Slash Federal Deficit by Withdrawing Troops and Raising Taxes on Rich

Thanks to the Bush administration, the current US deficit is over $1 trillion (not including the economic stimulus package). Obama plans to cut this deficit in half by 2013. Obama will let Bush’s tax cuts for individuals who make $250,000 or more a year expire in 2010. As far as troop withdrawal from Iraq, Obama estimates this would save about $90 billion a year, although some of this savings may be deferred to increasing troops in Afghanistan.

February 23rd

Obama Vs. McCain: Who Will Better Serve the U.S. Economy?

After another tumultuous day in the market with the worst one-day percentage declines since the crash of 1987, addressing the state of the U.S. Economy was supposed to be foremost for both candidates in an effort to win the votes of undecided and independent voters. Advisers for each candidate said that he would use the final debate to lay out his vision for the country and promote his economic policies while drawing differences with his opponent.

October 15th