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GOP: eliminate 10 national monuments & shrink 13 more

As the nation prepared for the holiday weekend last Friday, 17 tea party Republicans—members of the Congressional Western Caucus—sent a letter to secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke asking that he downsize or eliminate 27 national monuments across the western United States. By Meteor Blades  Although the Western Caucus is theoretically open to anyone in Congress, all 70 members […]

July 7th

GOP Civil War – Tea Party will primary GOP traitors

Will the GOP hold the house in 2014? Not if the Tea Party has its way… Intent on making all GOP politicians purer than pure (and not caring who gets hurt in the process – children, moms, the US credit rating, or the environment), one Tea Party organization is now announcing it will primary 87 […]

November 14th

Rand Paul’s Tea Party response to the State of the Union 2013 (Text + video)

(Note: There is nothing green whatsoever in this speech. If you’re looking for a shred of environmentalism from Rand Paul, don’t waist your time – go watch Stephen Colbert instead.) More state of the Union coverage: The Green elements of the SOTU (a LOT!) SOTU Reactions (plus Drinking Game!) Obama’s full speach (text + video) Rubio’s GOP response (text […]

February 12th

Why are they lying about Occupy Wall Street – and why are they getting away with it?

The opponents of the Occupy Wall Street Movement criticize it with lies. Paper-thin arguments that defy logic. Easily provable, direct, baldfaced lies. This tactic is nothing new to the Right, and it’s important to understand how they are getting away with it — why they are being believed, at least by some, and what you can do to combat them.
I recently came across an essay called “The Crisis of Public Reason”, by Phil Agre (PhD), a Professor of Information Studies at UCLA. It offers a rather frightening explanation for the Right’s tactics.

October 13th

Does Occupy Wall Street spell the end of the Tea Party?

Today, however, the future of the Tea-Party – and in fact Tea-Party Republicanism – is in doubt. The reason is simple: the Occupy Wall Street message, which to all who are listening is loud and clear despite the deafness of those caught up in the old paradigm of Twentieth Century politics, resonates with the Libertarian faction of the so-called Tea-Party and the Republicans.

October 6th

Despite Washington screw-ups, clean energy moves forward

Tea Party leaders like to paint clean energy and climate action as issues that matter only to elite Democrats living in coastal cities. This claim would come as a surprise to the 38,000 autoworkers building fuel efficient cars in Michigan, the 80 companies involved in the wind supply chain in Iowa, and the more than 100,000 Americans working in the solar industry across the nation.

October 5th

Debt deal: While they were busy screwing the economy, GOP was also screwing the environment

Washington didn’t come to a standstill last week. While the GOP leadership was busy holding a gun to the economy and threatening to shoot if we didn’t give in to all their demands… the rank and file were taking a little time to trash the environment.

The House started the budget process for the Interior Department, which covers a lot of environmentally sensitive ground. Here are just a few of the things the Republicans have planned for us.

August 1st

Newt Gingrich: Eliminate the EPA

Not content with cuts, perennial Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is now calling for the complete elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency. Gingrich made the call at the Conservative Political Action Conference as he pandered to the Tea Party in a play for votes in the CPAC straw poll. It didn’t work – Ron Paul […]

February 12th