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Climate deniers are going all in with disinfo for COP26 (Sorry, Teslas really do produce fewer emissions)

As the world gears up for the COP26 climate negotiations in Glasgow next week, deniers are already laying the groundwork for the disinformation they’ll peddle in a hopefully-vain attempt to recreate their success in using Climategate disinformation to disrupt the Copenhagen COP. By Climate Denier Roundup While every year brings a new and exciting display […]

October 27th

Why the feds are investigating Tesla’s Autopilot and what that means for the future of self-driving cars

It’s hard to miss the flashing lights of fire engines, ambulances and police cars ahead of you as you’re driving down the road. But in at least 11 cases in the past three and a half years, Tesla’s Autopilot advanced driver-assistance system did just that. This led to 11 accidents in which Teslas crashed into […]

August 24th

Ford’s new EV F-150 pickup truck is a good thing – but the idea it’s going to crush Tesla is delusional

Last week, Ford Motor Co. debuted its Ford Lightning, an F-150 pickup truck that is all-electric. Many people went bananas. Now, they said, we’ll really see EVs take-off because we’ve got an automobile manufacturer that knows how to build a truck that looks like a truck, not that goofy futuristic Tesla Cybertruck. By Meteor Blades Before I […]

May 26th

Renewable Roundup: More good news about Electric Vehicles

Here is a hybrid car that can do 0-300 km/hr in less than 12 seconds, and other assorted news about electric vehicles. I am working on a production process for these new Renewables and EV Diaries so that I can set a schedule for publishing them. (Times below are from when I captured this feed, […]

January 14th

Renewable Roundup: What will the Biden Administration mean for electric vehicles?

Cars, car battery swap stations, trucks with solar-powered refrigeration, e-bike parking, 107 meter wind turbine blades, carbon-neutral rocket fuel. And we can look forward to the Biden climate agenda starting in less than two weeks, assuming that we survive that long. By Mokurai  Hyundai and Apple are in talks to jointly develop self-driving electric cars […]

January 13th

Renewable Roundup: Watch out, Tesla! Here comes the Nikola Badger pickup

Elon Musk grabbed up Nikola Tesla’s last name, and now Trevor Milton of Nikola Motors has taken his first name, and raised vast amounts of money on a promise of delivering a truck in 2022 with a 600-mile range combining batteries and fuel cells. By Mokurai Nikola Badger electric pickup: Arriving in 2022, production partner TBA […]

June 16th

Tesla has a solar energy rental program – is it worth taking a look at?

Tesla has been a leader in energy innovation for years. Recently, it rolled out a new solar rental program that allows customers to invest in different tiers and sizes of this power source. You can save on costs by investing in this service, but an individual investment can prove costly in the long term. You […]

June 10th

Tesla drops auto prices, starts bidding on land for game-changing Terafactory

We have actual news about actual Tesla price cuts. Then we have Elon Musk hinting at exciting new developments, but delaying the actual announcements. Then we have real bidding on possibly revolutionary factories. Nobody can keep this all straight. Certainly I can’t. By Mokurai Or as the nerd proverb puts it, In theory, there is […]

June 3rd

Renewable Roundup: Tesla police cars are coming to a community near you!

Eat your heart out, Sen. Inhofe. And VP Pence. And the rest of the Usual Gang of Idiots: Mayor of Tulsa says the city will buy Cybertrucks to use as police cars if Elon Musk picks it for Tesla’s new factory By Mokurai If @Tesla and #Tulsa team up to change the world, it would only […]

May 27th

Renewable Roundup: Elon Musk gets permission to reopen a Tesla plant (safely)

Elon Musk claims that the fascists in Alameda County are bullying him by keeping his car plants closed, while the County is rather upset with Musk bullying them, and threatening to take all of his marbles elsewhere. We seem to have a compromise. Musk gets to reopen a Tesla factory, and the rest of us […]

May 21st

Chasing Tesla: Five EV startups looking to be the next unicorn

Will EVs – Electric Vehicles – take over in the future? In this article we look at five EVs startups all looking to become the next Tesla, or if you prefer the next unicorn. The last decade has seen significant growth in the EV market. From only a few thousand vehicles sold every year, the figures […]

Renewable Roundup: Big banks lining up to finance big batteries

We’ve reached a significant tipping point in how the battery storage market is financed, shifting from expensive private equity investments to ordinary bank finance. Which will be another factor leading to a terawatt of storage by 2040. By Mokurai Banks Finally Start to Spend Big on Giant Batteries Once reluctant to finance big projects, lenders […]

May 14th

How Tesla manages to stay ahead of the 5 stages of EV denial

It’s been nearly a century since any automaker was in a more enviable position than Tesla. Technology and design of zero-emission vehicles has improved dramatically in recent years. Yet, to catch up with Tesla innovation and marketability and be competitive in the fast-moving EV segment, legacy automakers need to switch to forward thinking, major investments, and extreme […]

May 1st

Tesla Q1 2020 earnings update: While the rest of the economy melts down, Tesla shows a profit

Tesla has released its Q1 2020 update and it’s filled with unexpected good news. Unexpected, because the global Coronavirus pandemic has temporarily shut all of its factories down, starting with the one in Shanghai, yet Tesla survived and even prospered. Many thought Tesla would be reporting losses in its first quarter of 2020. Instead, Tesla has […]

April 30th

VW’s CEO is worried – Tesla has progressed far beyond other automakers on neural networks

Tesla zooms ahead of other automakers in many ways, including accentuating driver focus and safety through its Autopilot feature. With 8 external cameras, a radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a powerful onboard computer, Autopilot’s suite of driver assistance features is partly the result of a neural network that has accumulated billions of miles of driver experience. Tesla’s […]

April 30th