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New York opens traffic-clogged streets to people during pandemic, the city’s latest redesign in times of dramatic change

On some normally congested New York City streets, cars are gone, replaced by diners tentatively returning to restaurants – though only outside – after months of lockdown. On June 22, the city entered phase two of reopening after its severe coronavirus outbreak, allowing many businesses to resume operations with restrictions. By Amy D. Finstein, College […]

Renewable Roundup: Hydrogen fuel cells verses batteries in Australia

Despite the political hooraw about renewables in Australia, the people and the private sector are charging [sic] ahead. One can argue about batteries or fuel cells for vehicles of various sorts, or one can treat them as complementary technologies, with different strengths for different applications. (As also for Renewable Natural Gas [sic] from landfills and such.) We also […]

June 21st

Renewable Roundup: Electric buses sweeping South America, equipped with new battery tech

Electric buses in Brazil to advance batteries. Of course, they don’t have this market all to themselves. By Mokurai Brazilian buses to help drive down cost of lithium-sulfur batteries British manufacturer Oxis Energy has announced plans to help Brazil to an all-electric bus fleet by 2045. Huw Hampson-Jones, CEO of the Oxford-based company, told pv magazine in […]

June 10th

Safer, more-sustainable transportation in a post- Coronavirus world

The COVID-19 crisis has shown that effective public transport is vital to keeping cities running. By serving essential workers in health care, emergency services, food services, and other sectors, public transport has become a service not just for some people but for all urban residents. By Ben Welle and Sergio Avelleda  World Resources Institute But coronavirus pandemic […]

April 28th

Volkswagen unveils ID.4 EV, provides updates on ID.3

It’s official. The first battery electric SUV based on Volkswagen’s MEB chassis will be called ID.4. The concept version of the car was originally known as the ID Crozz. Production will begin later this year with a rear-wheel drive single motor version. A dual motor vehicle will follow, probably some time in 2021. In a press […]

March 5th

Tesla for new audiences – how to spread the word

Teaching Tesla to friends and family is a new hobby of mine. Since I’ve moved to Florida, I seem to have lots of friends come to visit. Hey, we’re immersed in a winter of sunshine, mild temps, outdoor activities, farmers’ markets — who wouldn’t want to stop by and say “hi?” Recently, good friends from the […]

February 25th

Five trends ushering in the age of EVs: BloombergNEF

At the BloombergNEF Summit in San Francisco last week, BNEF’s Colin McKerracher made a case for electric vehicles finally reaching the “end of the beginning” as businesses and consumers recognize and begin to embrace EVs en masse. By Kyle Field Cleantechnica McKerracher closed out his talk with a summary of the five “killer apps” that […]

February 21st

First battery breakthrough of 2020 comes from Nikola Motors (or DOES it?)

Trevor Milton, CEO of Nikola Motors, is the first person in 2020 to claim a fantastic, not gonna believe it, absolutely game-changing lithium-ion battery breakthrough that will double the range of EVs, lower costs, and cure the heartbreak of psoriasis. According to NBC News, Milton announced this week “the Holy Grail of batteries. We are not talking […]

January 11th

Tesla is starving US market in favor of EU & East Asia

Tesla does not publish its sales per region, and certainly not in advance. But we, the obsessive Tesla watchers, have our secret methods to determine what is happening. Long, long ago, in the times of the Model S & X, the vehicles were shipped in containers. The container could go to Florida, to Abu Dhabi, or […]

October 29th