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Trump’s War on Science persists within EPA as staffers allege chemical reports altered

Four scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency are alleging that the “war on science” is continuing under the Biden administration, with managers at the agency altering reports about the risks posed by chemicals and retaliating against employees who report the misconduct. By Julia Conley Common Dreams The government watchdog Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) filed a […]

July 8th

House uses Congressional Revue Act to reverse child-killing Trump-Era methane rule

Progressive advocates celebrated the U.S. House’s passage Friday of a resolution to reinstate federal regulations on methane pollution, while also emphasizing that confronting the climate emergency requires implementing stronger safeguards. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams The resolution reversed the Trump administration’s rollback last August of the Environmental Protection Agency’s rules governing oil and gas companies’ emissions of the potent greenhouse gas. Twelve House Republicans joined Democrats […]

June 28th

Following KXL victory, climate leaders call on Biden to cancel Line 3 and other ‘Trump Pipelines’

In the wake of the final demise of the Keystone XL pipeline, Indigenous leaders and climate activists on Friday implored President Joe Biden to use his executive authority to pull the plug on other destructive fossil fuel transport projects advanced during the Trump administration—from Line 3 to the Dakota Access Pipeline. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams “We shuttered […]

June 14th

Conservationists applaud Biden plan to reverse Trump attack on Tongass National Forest

Indigenous rights and climate action groups on Friday welcomed the Biden administration’s announcement that the Department of Agriculture will “repeal or replace” former President Donald Trump’s assault on Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, in which a 20-year-old rule protecting wild lands was revoked three months before Trump left office. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Trump’s rollback of the 2001 […]

June 13th

EPA data kept secret under Trump shows climate crisis becoming ‘More evident, stronger, more extreme’

During its four years in power, the oil-friendly Trump administration kept the Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Change Indicators page completely frozen, suppressing an updated assessment of how the planetary emergency is affecting the United States and other parts of the world After four years of dormancy — as a part of @POTUS's commitment to scientific quality and transparency […]

May 16th

EPA is restoring California’s authority to set stronger car and truck pollution standards

The Environmental Protection Agency will restore California’s authority to set stronger car and truck pollution standards, the agency announced Monday. The move will undo what Administrator Michael Regan described as a “legally dubious … attack on the public’s health and well-being” by the Trump administration in 2019. By Nexus Media News EPA’s announcement came days […]

April 28th

Democrats could have repealed all of Trump’s Orwellian regulations by simple majority vote. They blew it.

In recent weeks, progressive public interest organizations have identified—and implored congressional Democrats to repeal—dozens of former President Donald Trump’s last-minute regulatory attacks on consumers, the environment, immigrants, Social Security, and more. But by the time the deadline to introduce so-called “resolutions of disapproval” against the pending rules came and went Sunday, Democratic lawmakers had only taken aim at six Trump-era regulatory […]

April 8th

Trump’s team was so sloppy in its rollback of regulations that Biden can simply turn the clock back on many of them

Public Citizen revealed Monday that President Joe Biden can potentially freeze—and more swiftly reverse—over two dozen more regulatory rollbacks forced through at the last minute by the Trump administration due to violations of federal law. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “The Trump administration’s moves to lock-in last-minute regulatory rollbacks were plagued with unprecedented and unlawful […]

March 2nd

Victory in the War on Science: Judge scraps Trump’s Orwellian anti-science rule for EPA

In a development welcomed by environmental and public health advocates, a federal judge on Monday invalidated the Trump administration’s last-minute rule change dictating which types of research the Environmental Protection Agency can use to regulate polluting industries and toxic chemicals. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Judge Brian Morris, chief judge for the U.S. District Court […]

February 3rd

Congressional Review Act: Biden has a shortcut to cancel Trump’s regulatory rollbacks, but it comes with risks

The Trump administration dedicated itself to deregulation with unprecedented fervor. It rolled back scores of regulations across government agencies, including more than 80 environmental rules. By Daniel Farber, University of California, Berkeley The Conversation The Biden administration can reverse some of those actions quickly – for instance, as president, Joe Biden can undo Donald Trump’s […]

January 21st

After undermining democracy, Trump now undermines capitalism (gift for fossil fuel companies)

Not only only did Donald Trump instigate an attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol in the final days of his presidency, but on January 14 he bestowed a parting  gift upon the oil companies. By Dan Bacher The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has finalized its “fair access” rule, designed to protect oil companies from lenders […]

January 19th