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Instead of cheap solar, Georgia ratepayers will be saddled with $28 billion cost of Vogtle nuclear power plant

Last week, the LA Times ran an op-ed arguing that if California is serious about meeting its new carbon-free goals, it must end its moratorium on the construction of nuclear power plants so that new ones can be built. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Georgia is proving that argument wrong. For nearly ten years, the […]

Vogtle nuclear power plant will continue construction: $27.5 billion and rising

After years of delays and gigantic cost overruns, two co-owners voted Monday afternoon to keep building two half-completed Georgia reactors that were once touted as the leading edge of a torrent of new nuclear power plants in the United States. The current builder—Southern Company’s subsidiary Southern Nuclear—has vowed there will be no more overruns. But officials there made the […]

September 25th