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Remove the Confederate statues shamefully displayed in our nation’s Capitol

Without justice, there can be no environmental justice. The year my mother moved the two of us from southwest Georgia—1956—was the same year the legislature there chose to unfurl a new state flag in defiance of the desegregation mandate of the Supreme Court’s unanimous Brown v. Board of Education ruling. The lawmakers chose the most prominent part […]

August 15th

Bike DC: Our report on the ground from President Obama’s Second Inauguration

Riding my bike through downtown DC on this inaugural day, I encountered road barriers in the form of police cars, military trucks and entire buses which kept cars outside of a perimeter circling the mall where Obama’s swearing in ceremony took place. The hordes of people overflowing off the sidewalk and overall lack of car traffic made navigation easy on two […]

January 21st

Bill McKibben at Powershift: It’s up to YOU to act

From college campuses across the country, ten thousand young climate activists have gathered in Washington DC this weekend for Powershift 2011 – a conference to train and empower activists on climate action and take that energy back out to the rest of the country. Bill McKibben, author and founder of, gave the one of […]

April 17th