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Record February heat wave – why no clever Trump tweet about global warming?

The last thing the world needs are more 3 AM Trump tweets. But Joe Romm at Climate Progress nevertheless poses an excellent rhetorical question: “Why didn’t Trump tweet that Tuesday’s warmth crushed the D.C. record by 9°F?” Why, indeed, since The Donald™has tweeted attacks on global warming and climate science more than 30 times in the past five years. By Meteor Blades […]

February 8th

Bad weather’s a-coming. Climate change makes it worse.

By Theo Spencer Senior Advocate, Climate Center, Natural Resources Defense Council More extreme weather events—heat waves, floods, drought—are coming our way this century, and there is new evidence that links these extreme events to climate change, according to a report issued this month by the world’s most respected scientific body on climate change. The Special Report on Managing […]

November 28th

Will winter weather stop Occupy Wall Street?

Mayor Bloomberg  hopes the onset of winter will finally convince Occupy Wall Street to pack up the tents and tarps and go home. On October 10 he predicted the protests would dissipate with the first sign of frost. But now, as winter is setting in to the Northeast, he may find himself disappointed by the […]

October 28th

Yes, Cold Weather in Europe STILL Means Global Warming

With record cold temperatures in Europe, we’re once again hearing the guffaws of the deniers: “If it’s supposed to be global warming, how come it’s so cold?” The answer is complicated, but the following is a summary of research that shows how cold anomalies can form regionally, even when the planet as a whole is […]

December 12th

“Return to Previous Arctic Conditions is Unlikely”

Climate change is happening NOW. And global warming is not something we need to worry about 100 years in the future. The results are visible today. And it’s quiet possible there’s no going back. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is out with its 2010 update on the Arctic environment (PDF), and the news […]

October 22nd