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Big coal losing its death grip on West Virginia (enter: solar!)

The iconic Appalachian coal producing state of West Virginia has soldiered through the most intense series of bombings in US history. The dust has not settled yet, but the winner is…maybe solar power? That’s a mighty big maybe, but state policy makers are finally beginning to realize that mining for coal by flattening hundreds of […]

April 29th

Turning coal mines into solar farms? It’s doable.

The idea of using abandoned surface coal mines for new utility scale solar farms has been tossed around for awhile now, and the idea certainly is appealing. The NIMBY issue would practically fade away into nothing, and a new study suggests that the potential area for solar development climbs into the thousands of square kilometers […]

July 27th

Remember the Coal Wars…

By Congressman Alan Grayson This weekend marks the anniversary of the most brutal confrontation in the history of the American labor movement, the Battle of Blair Mountain. For one week during 1921, armed, striking coal miners battled scabs, a private militia, police officers and the US Army. 100 people died, 1,000 were arrested, and one million […]

August 26th

EPA Vetoes Mountaintop Removal Coal Mine

It’s official. After 13 years of negotiations, studies, and court battles, the Environmental Protection Agency is protecting the environment by telling Arch Coal Company that its Spruce No 1 “mountaintop removal” coal mine is terminally bad for the environment. As such, the agency is vetoing it. The mine would have been the largest ever, and […]

January 13th