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Stephen Colbert contrasts Obama’s “scandals” with Trump’s disasters (video)

Remember the good old days, just a few short years ago, when the Presidential “scandal” was  Obama saluting a Marine while holding a latte? Stephen Colbert harkens back to those simpler times By Jeremy Bloom Of course, it’s hard to believe that the scandal that rocked the Clinton White House in Bill’s first 100 days was… […]

May 23rd

Budget deal kills gray wolves AND the endangered species act

Last week we learned that a deal had been struck and the government wasn’t going to shut down. This week, we learn about the collateral damage: What ugly things were agreed to in the process.

Item #1: Gray wolves are being stripped of their status as an endangered species across most of the northern Rockies.

April 11th

Obama’s Energy/Climate Change Czar is Leaving the White House

Maybe it’s the prospect of two years of uninterrupted Congressional witch hunts from House Republicans. Maybe she was just fed up with the Democrats failure to accomplish anything in the way of an energy or climate policy. Either way, President Obama’s Assistant for Energy and Climate Change, Carol Browner, is taking a walk. Browner had […]

January 24th

Why’d the White House Play Hard to Get on Solar Panels?

Writing at Salon, Andrew Leonard ponders the imponderable: Is the White House’s new acceptance of solar panels (nearly two years after the Election of Hope!) “…a welcome change of tone, prefiguring a new push on climate change and renewable energy, or yet another example of how a too-cautious administration keeps stepping on its feet”? Bill […]

October 8th

White House Won’t… er… WILL Go Solar

Beth Buczynski reports over at Care2 that despite last month’s strange snubbing of solar, the Obama White House will go solar after all. “By the end of this spring, there will be solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity and a solar hot water heater on the roof of the White House,” Energy Secretary Steven Chu […]

October 6th

Gilding the Lily on Green Jobs

Last week brought us climate as a security threat and White House officials are continuing to float trial balloons throughout August as they grope for a communications strategy. This week’s angle: green jobs.

August 18th

7 Fun Things to Do at the White House (When You’re Not Busy Leading the Free World)

Whether entertaining high-powered guests or for personal enjoyment, American presidents and their families have a long tradition of recreating on the grounds of the White House. When the ability to find simple seclusion in the outside world is nearly impossible, these seven White House facilities offer respite from the pressures presented by the job.

January 12th