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How will Australia suffer under climate change? Aussies share their anxieties.

Australians shared their climate-related anxieties 10 years ago in a recently published study. The study, published in January, found that rural Australians are most concerned about “suffering under climate change.” They were concerned about suffering financially. They were concerned about suffering environmentally. They were concerned about health problems and even social challenges. By Johnna Crider Cleantechnica The […]

February 28th

Evangelicals in Brazil see abuse of God’s earth as a sin – but will they fight to save the Amazon?

When the Brazilian city of São Paulo abruptly went dark at midday on Aug. 19, there was talk of the Apocalypse – not all of it in jest. In fact, meteorologists explained, unusual wind patterns had carried smoke hundreds of miles from the burning Amazon rainforest. The smoky fog blanketing São Paulo in darkness forced 21 […]

January 19th

On the Beach: Australian wildfires show we’re ALL just a few steps away from climate change disaster

Sixty years ago, the movie On the Beach portrayed Australia as a distant land where humanity’s last survivors perished after a global apocalypse. I can’t be the only one who thought of that when 4,000 desperate people fled to a beach in southeastern Australia to escape horrific wildfires caused by extreme drought and heat and exacerbated by […]

January 15th

After the fire: What Californians devastated by wildfire can do about climate change (Video)

Around the world, people are experiencing increasingly severe extreme weather events: floods, droughts, heat waves, hurricanes, and wildfires, like the one that destroyed the town of Paradise, California in November 2018. It’s more necessary than ever to talk about why these tragedies are happening – climate change – and what we can do to stop them. […]

Bankrupt utility PG&E spent $10 million on lobbying last year (even more than big oil!)

The Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) spent almost $10 million on lobbying California officials in 2018, surpassing even the Western States Petroleum Association in lobbying spending in 2018. The nation’s largest utility, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) filed for reorganization in federal bankruptcy court under Chapter 11 on January 29. By Dan Bacher […]

February 4th

Solar energy unaffected by bankruptcy of SoCal energy giant PG&E (so far)

When a behemoth electric utility like Pacific Gas & Electric goes bankrupt, rooftop solar owners may be understandably worried about the future of their array and their financial arrangement with the company. With an estimated $30 billion in potential liability damages from California’s wildfires over the past two years, compared to a stock value of only $3.5 billion, […]

January 23rd

How climate change is fueling California’s record-busting wildfires

Climate change is impacting us now. It’s making extreme weather like droughts, floods, heat waves, and wildfires worse. It’s important to be able to communicate the science to people to help them understand that climate change needs to be a much higher priority. The scientific evidence connecting climate change to California’s horrific wildfires presents one such opportunity (see […]

November 24th

Cascading climate change disasters could resemble a horror movie

Hotter average global temperatures are producing stronger storms with higher winds and more rain, droughts, wildfires, rising ocean levels, scarcity of clean water, flooding, and heat waves. But we ain’t seen nothin’ yet, warns a study published November 19 in the journal Nature Climate Change entitled “Broad threat to humanity from cumulative climate hazards intensified by greenhouse […]

November 23rd

Arrrrrgh. Trump, who took the side of the fires, plans to visit California survivors Saturday

Jerry Brown could do the Golden State one more good turn in these last two months of his fourth term as governor by hiding the welcome mat, meeting Trump at whichever airport he flies into, and sending him scuttling back to Mar-a-Lago. That would no doubt violate some rule of federal-state etiquette. “So, sue me,” Brown could say. The last thing we […]

November 16th

Burning fossil fuels leads to burning California (but climate deniers continue to lie about it)

With at least 40 lives lost and thousands of acres burned, the fires currently raging across California are an unpleasant reminder of what’s at stake in the climate change fight. Those who are opposed to the clean energy solutions that would at least quit fanning the flames have been adding their own absurd  commentary. The Camp […]

November 14th

Zinke is blaming imaginary eco-terrorist boogeymen for California wildfires (but Climate Change isn’t real?)

In recent days, Ryan Zinke, US Secretary of the Interior, has been making headlines with his remarkably wrong-headed remarks about the US West’s horrific season of wildfires, blaming them on eco-terrorists. As with President Trump’s tweets of two days earlier in which he made the baffling statement that California was pumping fresh water into the Pacific instead […]

August 20th

Factcheck: How global warming has increased US wildfires

In the midst of record or near-record heatwaves across the northern hemisphere this summer, deadly wildfires have swept through many regions, such as the western US, Europe and Siberia. This has focused a great deal of public attention on the role that climate change plays in wildfires. By Zeke Hausfather Carbon Brief Recently, some commentators have tried to dismiss recent increases in the areas burnt by fires in the […]

August 11th