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Earth Matters – Progressive climate and clean energy news for January 22, 2023

Extreme heat could put 41% of land vertebrates in peril by end of the century – According to a paper in Nature, “The frequency, duration, and intensity of extreme thermal events are increasing and are projected to further increase by the end of the century” with temperatures that were rare in the past likely to become the norm. By Meteor […]

January 22nd

US wind and solar likely to outpace coal and nuclear power in 2023

A new analysis of federal data shows that wind and solar alone could generate more electricity in the United States than nuclear and coal over the coming year, critical progress toward reducing the country’s reliance on dirty energy. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The SUN DAY Campaign, a nonprofit that promotes sustainable energy development, highlighted […]

January 3rd

Getting to ‘net-zero’ emissions: How energy leaders envision countering climate change in the future

With the federal government promising over US$360 billion in clean energy incentives under the Inflation Reduction Act, energy companies are already lining up investments. It’s a huge opportunity, and analysts project that it could help slash U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by about 40% within the decade. Seth Blumsack, Penn State and Lara B. Fowler, Penn […]

October 19th

Labor Day: Clean energy driving US job growth

The 2022 U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER) from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is a comprehensive study designed to track and understand employment trends across the energy sector and within key energy technologies. The report covers 2021, an unprecedented and unpredictable year for American families and businesses as the country began its slow […]

September 5th

Maximizing solar and wind generation: An electricity market expert explains Curtailment

Curtailment has a special meaning in electric power systems. It describes any action that reduces the amount of electricity generated to maintain the balance between supply and demand – which is critical for avoiding blackouts. By Theodore J. Kury, University of Florida The Conversaiton Recently, curtailment has made news in states like California and Texas […]

Here’s how to meet Biden’s 2030 climate goals and dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions – with today’s technology

Unprecedented forest fires in the drought-stricken western United States. Tropical storms and rising seas threatening the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Sizzling heat across large swaths of the country. As climate change unfolds before our eyes, what can the U.S. do to sharply and rapidly reduce its share of the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing […]

Worried that solar and wind aren’t reliable? You SHOULD be worried about utilities shutting off your power!

Private utilities have shut off electricity to U.S. households more than 3.5 million times since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, even as the power companies have reaped windfall profits and their executives’ compensation has skyrocketed, a report published Monday revealed. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams NEW REPORT: Electric utilities shutoff household power 3.6 mil times […]

May 3rd

Yes, windmills kill some birds. So does the oil industry. So do cats. Robert Bryce continues to lie.

It’s 2009. Robert Bryce is doing his fossil-fueled job attacking wind turbines for occasionally killing birds. He fails to mention the oil industry kills millions more. By Climate Denier Roundup It’s 2012. Robert Bryce is doing his fossil-fueled job attacking wind turbines for occasionally killing birds. He fails to mention the oil industry kills millions more. It’s 2013. Robert […]